Why Content Marketing Should Be On Your Radar

We’ve mentioned before about how a lot of this is just media hype and that SEO is still very much a key player to a website’s success.
However, content is undeniably important and here at Clicky Media, we have always focused on effective content marketing as a part of a high-quality SEO campaign. The marriage of the two has always proved to be both complementary and fruitful.
So, instead of having you feel as if you’re being herded like sheep into the content marketing pen with no real gauge of what you’re doing or why, we decided to give you an insight into what is involved in creating good content and why you should be.
First, you need ideas.
Sounds like an obvious place to begin, but you would be surprised at how many people want the results but have nothing to offer.
The content you create needs to be useful, informative, interesting and most importantly, something that sets you apart from your competitors.
This can range from an infographic to a fully-fledged interactive tool, a video, or a billboard sign; whatever is most likely to capture the attention of your audience.
Second, you need to know where they are.
What is the point of posting a video on YouTube if the majority of your audience hangs out on Vimeo?
Target the channels that are a direct path to your ideal customers, identify their influencers and aim to get in front of them.

Third, answer that all-important question.

Your audience has questions, lots of them, and the content that you create needs to answer these.
Do your research to determine what it is they want to know, and then brainstorm on the best way to both visually and informatively provide them with that information. Be it ‘How To’s’, ‘How Not To’s’, ‘Top 5 Tips’; whatever works best for the information you are providing.
Dependent on the topic of course, why not have fun with it? Create something that is enjoyable and draws a laugh. Sometimes the wackiest idea is actually the best idea.
Your job is to fulfill the need of your target audience and something that resonates will be shared time and time again. This is a great way to secure long-term ROI and increase brand awareness. It’s also a way to sell to your audience, without the need for any obvious sales speak.
What’s in it for me?
It’s fine us industry folk telling you that producing effective content is what you absolutely, undoubtedly and unarguably need to be doing (alongside a strong SEO campaign – let’s not forget about that), but what is it you get out of it?
And why should you believe us when we say more people are responding to great online content?
The Content Marketing Institute recently published its 2013 findings that showed a shift in the mediums that people are paying more attention to from a B2C perspective and viral content is clearly turning heads:
They also found that in 2014 there is set to be a significant increase in the amount that UK marketers spend on their content creation:
Over time, the benefits you gain include:
• Increase in organic traffic to site and conversions
• Natural link-building
• Increasing brand awareness through engagement with your audience
However, not everything is without it’s challenges. And here are the most common ‘bumps-in-the-road’ that UK marketers come across:
So there you have it. Why you need to make content marketing your friend, in a nutshell.
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager