Why It's Really Time To Get Used To GA4

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

As part of our “100 days to GA4” series, today we’re looking at why right now is the best time to get familiar with GA.


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Digital Analytics Specialist

In just 12 months, the status quo has changed dramatically for Google Analytics, with many marketers now using GA4 as their primary analytics platform instead of UA. According to the latest statistics from Builtwith, approximately 8 million websites worldwide are now using GA4, but this is only about a third of all websites that use Google Analytics (approximately 28.1 million websites). Clearly, there are still a lot of sites that need to catch up!

While some marketers initially critiqued GA4, many have now become more familiar with its capabilities and have started to prefer it over UA. This is largely due to the flexibility that GA4 provides, from customising the platform to capturing a larger quantity of data with events and e-commerce transactions. Ultimately, GA4 is also a more user-friendly platform than its predecessor, especially for users who know which metrics they want to analyse.

With less than 100 days until UA is sunsetted on July 1st, it's crucial for marketers to familiarize themselves with GA4 and make the switch. If you haven't set up a GA4 property for your website yet, Google has been sending out communications advising that they can automatically create one for you. However, this automated approach may lead to significant limitations in the account setup and could require further time and investment to tailor it to your website's specific requirements. For this reason, it is our strong recommendation that GA4 is set up manually to ensure your specific tracking needs are met.

If you have concerns about your GA4 account setup or are unsure of the best way to implement GA4, don't hesitate to reach out to our specialists who can advise on the best solution for your business. Similarly, if you have GA4 set up but would like some training on how to use it for day-to-day reporting requirements, our team can provide you with customized training.

GA4 is quickly becoming the go-to analytics platform for marketers, and it's important to make the switch before UA is sunsetted. By familiarizing yourself with GA4 and customizing it to your website's specific needs, you can gain valuable insights and make better-informed decisions. Don't wait - start using GA4 today and stay ahead of the game!

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