Why SEO Has Changed, Not 'Died'

Industry news has been rife as of late with topics such as:
• SEO is dead
• Link-building is pointless
• Google shows it’s distaste for SEO by throwing Penguins and Pandas at it
And to throw more fuel into the fire, probably the most well known SEO Company have, rather timely, decided to abandon the ‘SEO’.
(Name only, of course)
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This is something that has been building up for a while and it would seem that some of the industry appears to now be backing the importance of ‘good quality Content Marketing’ over traditional SEO.
However, here at Clicky Media, we feel it is never a good idea to put all of your eggs into just one, albeit beautifully written, basket.
All We Need Is To Be Well Versed and Socially Sound, Right?
‘Fraid not.
The emphasis around how great quality content and plenty of social shares is the key to ranking well is true to a degree. But to put it solely down to these methods means we as an industry won’t get very far.
Isn’t Social Media Marketing Becoming More Important than SEO?
No it isn’t.
You do need a strong social presence to raise brand awareness, that has always been the case, and with blogging and social media becoming ever more prevalent, it is now more important and does carry more weight.
However, those that think this is the last stop on the visibility train are guaranteed to be disappointed.
SEO Is Absolutely Not ‘Dead’.
Granted, it has changed.
The ‘old-fashioned’ methods of some of the original SEO’ers probably wouldn’t fly with Google anymore, but in any skill there needs to be growth and development, and the currently recommended SEO methods are still highly beneficial and necessary to improving your overall online presence.
With the recent influx of Google algorithm updates, this has resulted in some SEO method changes and has certainly made it more difficult for companies to benefit from spammy ‘Black-Hat’ tactics. But surely that’s a good thing?
There will never be a clear-cut process of how to get to the first page of a search engine, and those that are guaranteeing this and using any means necessary to implement this, are the reason why SEO is targeted so much and why it has the reputation of being a ‘dark-art’ or ‘dying out’.
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SEO will continue to play a vital role in ensuring your website ranks well for your key terms and drives quality traffic and business to your company.
So yes you do need good quality content, and of course it would be beneficial to share it with your followers, and ask them to share it with their followers. But if that is all the optimisation you do, how will the search engines know you’re there?
As SEO grows and develops alongside the search engines that are constantly advancing, it is simply time to embrace a blend of both SEO and content marketing to achieve results. There is no comparison.
We, as an SEO team have always been about focusing on good quality content, blog posts and strong outreach, and we also do not shy away from those good practice, technical SEO methods that cannot and should not be ignored.
Surely now more than ever is a great time to review your SEO and know that if done correctly, you are building a great quality site, with fresh, unique content and strong, natural links. Because, isn’t that your aim?
So the next time you see a headline declaring that all the SEO you are considering will go completely to waste, feel free to tsk, shake your head and sigh at the scaremongers out there that love a scandal. It’s what we do.
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager