Why we use and love Answer The Public

SEO Keyword Strategies

Our SEO keyword targeting strategies are unique to each client and highly dependant on a number of factors, including industry, client business priorities and the website we are focusing on.

In order to go the extra mile for our clients and to provide them with the best return on investment for their SEO campaigns, we use a number of tools to collect keyword data and to analyse their potential to bring in valuable user traffic to the website. Answer the Public is one of these tools and here’s why we love using it.


From the moment you enter the website you quickly realise that this isn’t your normal keyword research tool. Its unusual choice of above-the-fold videography definitely makes this platform memorable. In addition to this, results are generated exceptionally quickly, meaning little time is wasted in collecting keyword data.


Great for brainstorming and content piece research, Answer the Public provides an option to visualise all of the potential questions, prepositions and comparisons that appear in relation to your chosen keyword. Below is an example of all of the questions that appear in relation to “blue shoes”


As shown above, question areas are sectioned and clearly laid out, making it easy to extract ideas to further research and use within ongoing strategies.

A good next step for any question based terms will be to search for these within Google to find out what information is already available and whether your website can answer these more accurately or thoroughly. 


You can also expand keyword areas to narrow down your search further; particularly useful for finding keyword gaps and opportunities which may have been previously missed at a first glance.


If you’re looking for ways to expand your keyword targeting or simply some further insights into how people search for particular services or products, Answer the Public can provide masses of data to help. The only hindrance is that the following important metrics are not included:

  • Search volume
  • Yearly trends
  • Competitor levels

However, this initial collection of keywords provides a great starting point.

A small part of a big strategy.

As useful as it would be, there is not one tool that can encompass an entire SEO strategy. Answer the Public provides a great source of information, but only as a starting block for ideas creation and visualisation. If your website is in need of attracting more organic users with the correct searcher intent, please contact our team today to see how we can help you.

Written by Bethany Weatherhead