WordPress 6.2 and You

Monday, May 8, 2023

Wordpress 6.2, the most recent update (and the first major release of 2023) launched at the end of March. Today we’re looking at the key updates and features you need to know about if you haven’t already updated.


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Head of UX

New Features

With the release of Wordpress 6.2 we’ve seen a whole host of new features that have streamlined the platform and enhanced the experience for new and existing users. 

New functionality such as the reimagined site editor, updated navigation block and block settings have made the process for building sites and managing content long-term that much easier.

Better Performance

Across the board, this update provides performance enhancements, speeding up your website and providing a better experience for your users.

Openverse Integration

Openverse is an open-access media tool which allows you to search CC-Licensed and Public Domain images, audio and video - right from within the admin panel.

Bug Fixes and Security

With this iteration of WordPress comes a whole host of fixes, optimisations, quality-of-life improvements and modernisation. These fixes also address a number of known exploits present in the previous versions, making your site significantly more secure.

Ultimately, while the quality of life improvements to the back-end in this update are very helpful, it is the security updates that should be of greatest note. In order to ensure your site is as secure as possible, you should be prioritising an update to WordPress 6.2 as soon as possible.

It is easy to put off the updates of WordPress and/or plugins, but to do so is putting your site, and your users, at risk. 

At Clicky Media our specialists are available support you and your business in updating to 6.2. If you have concerns about updating then please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can offer our insights and expertise.