Work Experience: Millie-Rose & Ethan

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Last week we were delighted to host another work experience opportunity for two students- here’s what they had to say about their time with us.


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Agency Coordinator

I am glad I was given the opportunity to experience working here at Clicky Media. I found doing my work experience here has been very interesting and enjoyable. The crew are lovely and this is overall a great place to work. I found learning about the different roles and responsibilities here very interesting. -Millie-Rose

During my time here at Clicky, I have learnt lots about digital marketing and the industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to the different roles and aspects of what it’s like to work at an agency. I decided to come to Clicky for work experience because I was interested in the agency and overall anything associated with media or anything digital. - Ethan 

On Monday, which was also our first day, Clicky hosted a Futures Event with some university graduates where we participated in the presentations and workshops throughout the day. After being welcomed by the crew we got to participate in a group of workshops held for university students to show them what the business is all about and what the different roles are and how they play into the team. 

“Even though many of the topics were new to me, it helped me to develop an understanding of who Clicky are and what they do.”

Throughout the rest of the week we got to hear more from each department and had to complete some tasks to showcase our understanding. We first met Rhian who introduced us to UX and set us some tasks. We had to complete a wireframe for a website and feedback on what we would improve. I found this very interesting and enjoyable. 

“She showed me all about what it is like to work in user experience. I found this fascinating.”

Later on in the afternoon, we met Kumari and learnt about her job and the process of it. We were then set the task of writing a blog for a client. I found this very fun.

“Both Rhian and Kumari were very welcoming and friendly, making me feel a part of the team.”

Later in the week we met Georgia who taught us about Performance Creative. I found the process of how they market their clients very interesting like finding the brand colours and fonts. That day we got to create a fake ad for instagram for a client. This was interesting because I got to learn everything that goes behind an ad.

“At lunch time we helped pick up some pizzas for lunch as we were celebrating team achievements. I could sense the bond and togetherness that the team shared with each other.”

That afternoon we met Fay who introduced us to the Growth Team and how they find opportunities for future clients. We were set a task to find an opportunity for a brand and suggest how the team could improve it. These tasks have provided me with a lot of new skills. 

On Thursday, we met with Laura and Amber. They talked us through their very important roles as Account Manager and Account Director and we explored our aspirations and goals for the future. 

“I came away from this really pleased and am thankful for the experience.” 

I have really enjoyed my time here at clicky and want to give a huge thank you to the crew for being so welcoming and for giving me this opportunity. I enjoyed speaking to everyone and everyone was very kind and welcoming. Being here has given me a great understanding of digital media and I would love to do something like this in the future. I would also like to thank Jen for organising this and being so kind. - Millie-Rose

During my week here at Clicky the skills and information that I have taken in has been very valuable. Every talk I had with the specialists and staff have been very insightful and helpful to shape what I want to do post school. Everyone I have met here has been extremely friendly and comforting as soon as I stepped foot into the office. This also contributed to the positive and productive work environment helping me feel a part of the Clicky Group. Jen has been very helpful and was important to me settling in. I really enjoyed learning about both the Uplift and the Clicky sides and I can definitely establish my great interest in both. I want to thank everyone at Clicky for the opportunity given to me and also for welcoming me to the office with open arms. -Ethan