How to write attention grabbing headlines

Here at Clicky, we know the struggles of creating innovative and eye-catching headlines for your content. So, as part of our Clicky how to series, we’re sharing our top tips on writing the best headlines to grab your reader’s attention.

1. set the right expectations, but don’t be afraid to sell your content

Setting the right expectations for the content is vital to your readers engaging with the whole article. Using false advertising to encourage initial clicks can lead to dissatisfaction and a loss of trust in the brand. However, making your content sound exciting is also key to increasing engagement, so don’t be afraid to use compelling language to create more of a buzz around the article.

2. add visuals to your content.

Would visuals fit within your post? Visual content is increasingly popular and is quick and easy for readers to digest, which has led to the use of the word ‘photos’ in a headline increasing the performance of a post by up to 37%.

3. keep it concise

An effective title should be short while conveying the best message possible. Using keywords that your target audience are searching for and keeping it concise will ensure your readers notice your post.

4. use numbers to create some variation in the title

80% of people do not read content word for word. Using numbers in your headline can grab the attention of your readers, as the human eye is drawn to the contrast between numbers and letters, in the same way that we are drawn to contrasting colours.

5. use “how to”

Most people want to improve their lives in some way, tapping into this market with headlines which offer solutions to a problem is one way of attracting attention to your content. Headlines which highlight the final benefit or result of reading your content allows for a dialogue with the reader are often more successful.

6. consider your audience

Who will be reading your post? What age bracket are they in? Which device are they likely to be viewing it on? All of these questions should come into consideration before writing your article and therefore your headline. A headline that’s well targeted to your audience will increase the amount of relevant traffic to your site.

7. ask questions

What’s the best way to get your readers involved right from the start? Giving readers a question in your headline promotes a conversational tone. Asking questions inspires curiosity, meaning that your readers are inclined to click through and contribute their own thoughts to your discussion, making your blog a two way street. Your knowledge of your target audience should help you devise the perfect questions

8. keep headlines under 70 characters

Keeping the text brief makes it grab more attention. Sticking to eight words or less ensures you’ll fit in all of the key information without overwhelming your readers – it’s also an ideal length to ensure it displays properly on all devices, helping you reach as many potential readers as possible.

9. include statistics

Statistics are often a forgotten tactic in attention grabbing headlines. Using key figures related to your content will entice your readers and make your headline more hard hitting.

10. optimise for search and social

Doing this effectively will help you to share your post with the right people. Using the keywords relevant to your topic for SEO purposes ensures that your readers can easily locate your content and gets your brand out there. However, remember that first and foremost, your blog must sound interesting to people, not just computers.
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Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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