How to write effective calls to action

Writing an effective call to action can make the difference between a customer clicking through and creating a conversion, to them simply leaving your site. Here are our top tips writing calls to action that really work.

keep your CTA’s visible.

Framing your command words effectively will mean that the key thing you want your readers to take away will be the most obvious thing on the page. Whether it’s encouraging them to click through and view an item on your website or a link to download a brochure, giving customers a clear CTA to respond to will increase conversion rates.

less is more

Keeping your calls to action simple will make them more noticeable. Whether it’s an image or text, keeping the key information easily digestible will ensure that the user has a clear path to the next step.

leverage powerful command words

Using strong command words to attract your target audience such as ‘Buy’, ‘Shop’, ‘Order’, ‘Call’ or ‘Subscribe’ will create a stronger pull to potential customers to click through to where you want them.

tap into FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Using phrases like “limited places” or “book now for the best deals” will tap into those with a fear of missing out. Increase the urgency in this way to make calls to action stronger and put subtle pressure on the reader to respond quickly.

make the CTA benefit-oriented

Instead of using genetic CTA’s such as “Click Here” or “Get in Touch”, be more creative with personal content. Using commands like “Start Your Trial Today” or “Get Your Free Copy” to get the customer involved in the process and make the journey feel more personal.

path to conversion

Keep the conversion path clear to ensure that customers can get to the end destination in the fewest clicks possible. Removing barriers for people to navigate will make the customer journey easier and reduce the chances of a potential customer dropping out before reaching your call to action.

strategically place your call to action

Using imagery, bold text and fonts to frame your call to action will work alongside your content to ensure that it stands out to consumers and urges them to respond to it.

use action-oriented language

Using language which prompts an immediate response helps to encourage users to click through rather than forgetting about the offering. Using words such as “Now” or “Today” will urge people to respond immediately, which is key in implementing a successful call to action.

test, test, test!

Once you’ve implemented all of these techniques and are convinced that your CTA will be successful, conduct testing to ensure you’ve got it right. Using tactics such as A/B split testing will allow you to test conversion rates and refine the CTA techniques which are most effective for you. Your designs could differ in colour, content or placements and these can be changed consistently until you are happy with your conversion rates.
Effective calls to action are the best way to encourage your customers to respond to your content in the way you want them to. Speak to one of our content specialists at our Chester, London or Nottingham offices today to hear more about our bespoke content service.

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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