Zoe’s work experience at Clicky

A couple of week’s ago Zoe, who is interested in pursuing a career in graphic design, joined our design team to get an insight into what it’s really like to be a designer. Here’s how she got on…

My week at Clicky Media has been so cool! I have learned a lot of new things about design, I’ve had the chance to create logos and I’ve had a go at designing a website. I’d like to do graphic design in the future and this experience has given me an insight into what working in web design is really like. It has been an enjoyable experience working with the design team as I have been able to share my ideas and get involved in their projects which is exciting.

I love the relaxed, inspiring working environment at Clicky Media, it makes you enjoy the job more!

At the start of the week I went straight into researching and creating logos for a holiday cottage company; I used Adobe Illustrator which I had never used before but I’ll definitely be using it again. As the week progressed I was creating wireframes for two websites and designing a homepage for the holiday cottage company on Photoshop, it was really fun! I was also given an overview of web development by a developer who gave me some helpful tips on coding and programming for creating a website.  I would recommend that anyone that wants to go into graphic design or web design does work experience at Clicky Media, it has been a really useful experience and it has definitely helped me confirm this is what I want to do at University.

Written by Kayley Peters

Digital Account Exec