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We create and re-create futureproof brands.

A Brand is Much More Than a Logo

Your brand is moulded by your audience’s perception, which will ultimately influence a potential customer’s decision on whether to engage. We conduct thorough research into your business, audience and use these insights so all of our outputs are backed up with research that will allow your brand to live across different platforms, print or digital.

We know how important your brand is to you and we will work with you to create a brand you love. Whether you are just looking for a brand refresh or are a new company that requires a brand creating from scratch, our work will make your business stand out from competition and allow you to connect with your audience.

Quality Cottages

Creative UI design & a beautiful new brand.

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Brand Immersion Workshop

Whether you’re revamping an existing brand or creating a new brand from scratch, a Brand Immersion Workshop is the perfect place to start a branding project. In this 2 hour meeting we will run a series of exercises that will help us get a more detailed understanding of your business and dedicate time to develop your brand values, mission statement and how you want to be positioned in the marketplace. We will also explain the importance of why having a strong brand is crucial for a business to succeed.

Pop-Up Products

An industry leading website and digital offering.

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The Branding Process

Don’t have a name for your company? Not a problem! We will sit down as a team and generate names based on the findings from the Brand Immersion Workshop. You will be presented with a range of different names each with a rationale and brand story behind them.

We will then turn your new name or existing name into logo concepts which we develop until we have a logo you love! Brand guidelines would be produced detailing you brand values, vision and tone of voice as well as how your logo should be used, typography, colour palettes and imagery. We can then assist with the launch of your new brand. There’s a lot more to launching a brand than simply showing off a new logo. Brand launches should be planned well in advance to give your brand the launch it deserves.

Clicky are very transparent, you know what you're going to get, they over deliver and are a delight to work with


We will help you transform your brand

The pricing for our Branding projects is quoted on a bespoke basis and dependent on your requirements and the time required to deliver your brief.

Our pricing is simple and transparent.Our hourly rate starts from £70+VAT.

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