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At Clicky, we have developed an approach whereby your SEO and PPC strategies work together, in order to deliver your business the greatest possible return. We call this approach combined search.

This means that rather than your PPC team and SEO team working independently of one another, they are instead both leveraging one another’s strengths, in order to get your business the most presence on search results pages.

Through this approach, our search team have generated increases in revenue of over 100% for ecommerce brands, as well as increases in goal completions of over 150% for lead generation businesses from search alone.

Combined Search Strategy Benefits

  • Keyword Targeting Efficiencies

  • Budget Efficiencies

  • Increased Search Real Estate

  • Agile Strategic Approach

  • Expedited Results

  • Diverse, Future Proof Strategies

How it works

Combined search is about taking two formerly distinct areas of search, and unifying them to ensure your brand occupies as much space on a search engine results page as possible.

The vast amount of a combined search strategy revolves around keyword/topic targeting and optimisation. Rather than each area working independently and targeting their own sets of keywords, both SEO & PPC teams will identify and agree upon a single set of initial keywords to target, which will then inform site structure and campaign structure in ads platforms.

As we gather more data from each channel and their respective platforms, we’re able to make impactful decisions on how best to target keywords, which channel is more viable for doing so and where we can potentially save budget by striking certain balances between PPC and SEO for keywords.

Our Work


Here are a selection of the brands our search team work with.

Raleigh Bikes

102% increase in search revenue for Raleigh Bikes

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