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What is Digital PR? 

Digital PR is all about getting the voice of your company heard online. It’s an effective marketing strategy used by businesses to increase the exposure of your brand and website. 

Traditionally, PR as we know it has been used over the years to generate both print and online coverage. However, the sole purpose of digital PR is to work as part of your ongoing SEO strategy, creating shareable content in the form of a landing page to appeal to publications online to feature it to 1: tell a story, 2: increase your presence online and 3: generate backlinks to improve the authority and trust of your website, which in turn, can help improve page rankings. 

Whether you are a known and respected business or a new start-up, the method of obtaining coverage is a great way to reach new audiences depending on the ‘story’ you create. Digital PR content can be as niche or top-level depending on who you’re reaching out to – as long as it appeals to the external sites you’re targeting. 

Along with brand awareness and improved site PA, digital PR also provides additional benefits like increasing site traffic (sessions) and user engagement which, of course, all drives towards helping you achieve your bottom line, ROI, however your business goals are set.


Here are a selection of the brands our Digital PR team work with.

Clicky’s digital PR service

At Clicky we can provide you with digital PR support and full campaign implementation. Whether you’re in need of digital PR ideas to then take the work on yourself, or you would rather our team has full control of the outreach from start to finish, our specialists are flexible and will work to what is best to achieve your goals. 


Here’s how we can help:

  • Digital PR strategy and ideation

  • Outreach templates

  • Backlink audits

  • Full implementation of Digital PR campaigns

  • Reporting on ROI from your campaign

  • Working together on a multichannel campaign

The importance of backlinks

In SEO, backlinks help Google understand the credibility of the content on your site – if an external site is linking to one of your pages, it takes into consideration the quality of the external site’s content also, which is why it’s so important to build backlinks from targeted, relevant sites.

User experience is at the forefront of search engine results pages (SERPs) algorithms, and when it comes to optimising your site for organic performance, a phrase you should familiarise yourself with is ‘EAT’: Expertise, Authority, and Trust. E-A-T is coined from Google’s Your Money Your Life component, which reviews pages that can have an impact on your current or future well being – physical, financial, safety, etc. and is used to consider the trustworthiness of your website. 

For example, a search engine like Google has developed a process to review websites, using page quality guidelines as an exercise to check the quality of a website. If a website does not provide these components in a way that crawlers and quality raters can interpret, it risks being penalised for seeming untrustworthy to their users, which can lower page rankings and traffic as a result.

With this in mind, ‘trust’ signals such as backlinks are vital to helping Google (and other SERPs) understand that your website is safe, it doesn’t mislead the user and the information is accurate and relevant. Taking these signals into consideration, search engines, therefore, rank your site higher based on the relevancy and expertise of backlinks pointing to your page, in addition to the quality of your content to provide the best result for the user’s search query. 

How to do digital PR

The key to using digital PR consists of creating high-quality informative, stat-led content that adds value and is unique because no-one else has created it before. When it comes to writing the page, research is imperative so you have plenty of interesting (and credible) data sources to create content that offers something different and will be interesting to your audience, as well as external websites’ interests. 

It’s essential that you create a story (or ‘content’) for digital PR that isn’t easy to replicate – if it was that easy, journalists and writers would be making this kind of content every day themselves!

Your targets will range from both regional and national outlets, including lifestyle publications and specific sites that cover topics specific to certain sectors. Relationship building to also a vital part of the digital PR process, and you can use your initial outreach to get in touch with sites that are new to your brand and introduce them to what you have to offer.

As you’re researching what to write, you should also consider where you would like your brand to be placed and who you’re going to pitch to. Know your audience on both sides of the page! The digital PR process is completed by the outreach process. How you pitch could make or break your idea, regardless of how interesting the page is, you’ve still got to ‘sell’ it.

Animal Trust

Learn how we used digital PR to amplify Animal Trust’s surgery launch and increased conversions by 151%.

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