Lets use data to decide the best path to digital success.

The Bible of Your Digital Presence

Discovery projects are all-inclusive research activities undertaken by our team of specialists, prior to any sizeable marketing campaign or website build.

Each research activity ranges from UX design audits and technical organic search (SEO) checks, right through to the production of bespoke marketing strategies and the planning and structuring of new website builds.

Within our Discovery projects, we aim to provide a broad scope of insight and analysis of multiple data sources to develop a full understanding of your audience and their behaviour online. This data, research, and analysis is compiled to inform a large output such as a website build strategy, sitemap or a long-term marketing strategy.

Benefits of a Discovery Project

  • Expert Project Team

    Throughout a Discovery project, you'll work with a bespoke project team of designers, developers, marketers, and UX specialists
  • Your Business Comes First

    Your project team will work closely with you to understand your commercial goals and aims, to plan the perfect project to help grow your business
  • Maximising your Investment

    New websites and marketing campaigns are no small investment. Our Discovery projects produce strategies which generate you the best possible ROI
  • A Data-Driven Strategy

    Our expert Strategy & Insights team ensures your website build or marketing strategy is informed by audience data, and the resulting output best suits your customers
  • A Digital Partnership

    We believe our projects, and the resulting strategy, work best when we talk. We believe we can deliver the best strategy when we work with you
  • Ongoing Consultancy

    Once we've presented our Discovery project and strategy, our experts will be on hand to help, whether it's through a new website build or a long-term marketing campaign


of organisations classed as ‘market leaders’ stated that becoming a more data-driven organisation was a key goal for their CEO

(eConsultancy & Google, 2017)

Market-leading businesses are


more likely to have a documented data and analytics strategy.

(eConsultancy & Google, 2017)

Our Approach

Our strategic Discovery stages are designed to help gather valuable insights to influence a more intelligently planned website, or audience-led marketing strategy. 

The scope of this research will encompass a range of audits and research elements, as chosen by you. Your objectives, aims and commercial considerations would be taken into account at this stage, resulting in the creation of a fully detailed document that would provide a clear approach for a new website build, marketing campaign, or ongoing website optimisation strategy, based upon learnings and discoveries from this project.

  • In 2017, 24% of marketers cited a lack of strategy as one of the greatest barriers preventing them from increasing conversion rate

  • We believe that success lies in a data-driven methodology, as opposed to an assumption-led framework

  • Discovery projects allow you to focus on your business, whilst an expert team researches and produces an informed strategy

  • Discovery is perfect for businesses seeking a digital partner, with our experts fully understanding your business and goals

How Can a Discovery Project Help?

  • Business Consultancy & Support

    From reviewing the expertise and skill levels of your in-house personnel, to implementing a digital reporting process which best meets the aims of senior management, our Discovery projects can seek to align the commercial and digital arms of your business
  • Organic Search Campaigns (SEO)

    Whether it's a particular search term your business has struggled to achieve, or just an all around review of performance, we can help to keep your SEO strategy moving forward
  • Social Media & PPC

    Knowing how to advertise online is one thing, but knowing the correct strategy to reach your audiences and minimise wasted spend is worth investing in
  • Website Build & Planning

    Far too often, business plan a new website build based on assumption. Our Discovery projects utilise audience data and insights to produce the most effective website possible
  • CRO & Website Optimisation

    Has your conversion rate plateaued? Through in-depth data analysis and user behavioural tracking, a discovery project can help get you back on track
  • A Complete Digital Strategy

    For businesses without a digital marketing or web team, a Discovery project can provide you with an informed and considered strategy, helping you to ensure success online

Our Clients

Here are some the brands & organisations we have undertaken Discovery Projects for.

Along with your internal audience data, we'll use some of these platforms in a discovery project.

Crazy Egg

See how people really use your website with Crazy Egg. Whether it’s a heatmap, scrollmap, or user recording, Crazy Egg can help you visualise how people move around your website.

Learn more


Twitter’s global monthly users currently stand at 330 million, the perfect audience for you to advertise to. 

Learn more


Similar to Crazy Egg and Hotjar, Mouseflow is a user behaviour tracking tool which allows us to see how users have behaved on your website, and optimise accordingly.

Learn more

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics and data platform that can track and report upon website traffic. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service, and the audience data and insights within the platform help to inform all of the work we undertake here at Clicky.

Learn more


With over 530 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is the largest social networking platform for working professionals.

Learn more


Another essential of the CRO team’s toolkit, Hotjar allows us to see exactly how your users are behaving on your website. The learnings and insights from Hotjar allow us to further streamline your website’s user experience, and move more customers to a point of conversion.

Learn more


One of the fundamental platforms to any successful SEO strategy, Moz helps identify keyword and content opportunities, and provides an innovative reporting solution too.

Learn more


The largest of the social platforms, Facebook has over 1.3 billion daily active users worldwide. This is perfect for businesses to reach both niche and broader audiences to promote their products or services.

Learn more


One of the most visual and creative social platforms, Instagram allows users to share videos and imagery with their followers, and not forgetting the ability for businesses to advertise their products and services to a large audience.

Learn more


One of the essentials of the SEO’s toolkit, SEMRush provides comprehensive data and insights into keywords, search queries, and changing trends.

Learn more

FREE initial consultation and bespoke discovery plan with our Google qualified digital Strategy & Insights team.

Ask one of our team to begin to understand your business, your aims, and commercial goals, and we can start to plan out your business’ bespoke discovery project.

Whether you’re considering a new website build and don’t know where to begin, or are looking to launch a big marketing strategy in the months to come, our Strategy & Insights team can ensure your plans are data-driven, and are truly aligned to your audience and their needs.

Through audience data and insights, we can help to connect you to your audience on the right device, with the right message, at the right time.

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All pricing for our Discovery projects is based on the time needed to conduct the research, analysis and strategy development for your bespoke project.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We will work with you to assess your business, goals, and aims for the project and provide a quote for the time our team will need to complete the inclusions of your Discovery project. These inclusions are suggested by your project team, and are their honest assessment of what research and analysis will be required in order to produce a strategy that will meet and achieve your goals.

NHS West Cheshire

Find out how a Discovery project helped to develop an impactful strategy for a local self-care campaign.

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Toad Hall

Take a look at how a comprehensive Discovery project helped Toad Hall reach their goals.

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