Digital Marketing for Franchises

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Digital has disrupted marketing, altering the way customers interact with brands in both online and offline situations.

This digital transformation has added extra pressure to the way franchises operate and manage their digital strategies, due to having multiple locations, contrasting marketing aims and goals between the franchisor and franchisee, as well as different technical abilities across franchisees and individual internal teams.

Beyond this digital has also disrupted the common marketing funnel, it no longer consists of 4 key customer touchpoint stages: awareness, interest, desire and action. Instead two additional touchpoints now need to be accounted for, these being loyalty (keeping your existing customers) and recommendations (which help to drive further awareness).

Not only have extra stages been added due to the advancement of digital but the current funnel structure has also changed. The six new customer touchpoints do not retain a linear structure and have no beginning nor end, therefore franchises need to connect with new and existing customers time and time again.

Our latest whitepaper identifies the array of challenges that franchises face and often overlook – which can have varying effects on the business within all areas of marketing including SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing – and provide solutions that encompass all things digital.  

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  • The benefits of moving with digital advancements rather than working against them
  • How the most popular franchises have placed digital at the forefront of their marketing strategies

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