The Growth of Social Media Advertising

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We’re inundated with algorithm updates and news of personal data breaches, and still, the number of social media users continues to increase every year.

Facebook leads the social media pack, boasting 2 billion monthly active users. Its sidekick, Instagram, follows in its footsteps with 800 million active users, liking over 4.2 million posts a day.

Despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal over personal data breaches, and users threatening their loyalty with #DeleteFacebook, Facebook’s ad spend increased in Q1 by 62% year on year. Advertisers are hesitant to turn down the social network’s measurable and targeted ad set up, as Facebook develops its advertising platform to ensure value for money and a return on investment for businesses.

The number of Facebook and Instagram users remains attractive for advertisers and brands, who can tap into a potential new audience using the audience insights tool. In a few clicks, you’re able to learn more about the people who like your page, and the people who are using Facebook; their hobbies, interests, age, gender, job, income – and there’s more.

Not only does paid advertising offer advertisers more granular technology to target a specific audience, social ads offers brands the chance to be playful and creative with their output. Video and carousel ads allow brands to engage with their audience on a dynamic platform that’s fit for storytelling and encouraging customers to feel inspired.

We are constantly experimenting and optimising for what is resonating with and inspiring our customers on the platforms that they love the most, including video length, content and format. Michael Kors Marketing

Our attitudes towards advertising are also changing: at least 64% of us have admitted we don’t mind viewing ads, for 32% of us, we’re ok with seeing ads generally and 32% of us don’t mind seeing ads if the content is relevant to our interests.

For a more detailed account of the growth of social media advertising, download our latest white paper, which has been put together by our team of paid social specialists. This guide will appeal to your interests if you’re considering investing in paid social and are looking for a general overview of the current social advertising market. Learn more about how brands have used paid social effectively in their campaigns to increase ROI and look out for our tips on how social platforms operate to engage with their users.

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