Insights Projects

In-depth & focussed digital problem solving.

Problem Solving Through Data

Our Insights projects offer a more in-depth analysis into a specific focus or problem area.

For example, this may be a thorough assessment of declining organic search (SEO) performance, or a full analysis of an existing website’s structure and performance, to inform and shape a new website sitemap.

With Insights projects, our goal is to support your established marketing or web team by offering our specialist expertise to overcome a specific problem, or to achieve a clearly-defined business goal.

This provides you with the added benefit of working with an award-winning, specialist digital agency to support and drive your internal performance forward.

Why Consider an Insights Project?

  • Access To an Award Winning Digital Team

    Within an Insights project, you'll have access to our award-winning team of designers, developers, marketing specialists and digital strategists. Rest assured, there's not many problems our team can't solve
  • Challenge & Develop Your Internal Team

    In a fast-paced and constantly evolving digital landscape, bringing in experts on the cutting-edge of the industry can help to drive your own internal standards forward
  • Avoid Internal Complacency

    Ultimately, there's a chance that your internal team may have been doing something the same way for so long, they could be missing a solution due to the the practices and habits they've adopted over time. We can help to challenge this complacency
  • Bypass the Cost of Mistakes

    Whilst it's sometimes a good thing to let internal teams try to figure out a problem for themselves, this can often come at a cost to your business. Seeking external, expert support can help to ensure your teams learn the solution, without losing internal revenue or resource as a result
  • Learn the Full Picture

    Our team are set one clear goal; to address the issue your website or digital marketing campaign is facing. You don't have to worry about internal politics, we'll simply get to work and present you with a solution. Simple
  • Two Sets of Eyes is Better Than One

    Whilst we're all reluctant to admit it, sometimes asking for help to overcome a problem is the best move you can make

High-performing brands are

50%more likely than the mainstream to see evolved agencies providing the most value in pushing creative thinking, and assisting with technology utilisation.
(eConsultancy, 2017)

Market leading brands see the collaboration between their internal teams and agencies in a positive light; with high performing brands being more than

1.5 timesincrease in bookings

(eConsultancy, 2017)

When your team is struggling to find a solution, there’s nothing wrong in turning to experts for guidance. That’s how we all learn.

Insight Projects will not usurp your internal team, but will quickly and effectively find a solution, and we’ll work with you to implement a fix.

Our Insight Projects are designed to benefit everybody within our clients’ teams. Whether you’re scratching your head at a declining conversion rate issue, or feel you’re going in circles with your social media marketing plan, we aim to put forward our entire award-winning body of specialists to help find a solution, and work to implement this with you internally.

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands, in a variety of different industries and sectors, many of whom have existing development, design, or marketing teams in place. We believe working with an agency should be a partnership, with both parties driving forward and working together to achieve goals.


What Problems can an Insight Project Solve?

  • Organic Search Rankings (SEO)

    Seeing organic rankings begin to drop is a frustration for many brands, and it's important to arrest the slide before it exacerbates
  • Audience Definition & Targeting

    If you're spending on advertising, but have reservations around whether you're targeting the correct audience, our data-driven digital strategists can help
  • Conversion Rate Performance (CRO)

    Making the most of the traffic visiting your website is crucial, and the cost of a declining conversion rate can quickly stack up, particularly if you already spend on PPC, social media advertising, or email marketing
  • Lead Nurturing & Remarketing

    If you're seeing the number of returning visitors to your site begin to slide, we can help to create and implement a bespoke lead nurturing and remarketing strategy for your business
  • Social Media Strategies

    If you feel like you're spending heavily on social, but not seeing much return for your investment, our expert social team can lend a hand
  • Website Optimisation

    Not sure what the next step for your website is? Unsure if your current website is up to scratch, or if you need a new one entirely? Clicky's award-winning web, design, and digital strategy team can provide honest suggestions

Along with your own audience data, we use these platforms in an insights project.


One of the fundamental platforms to any successful SEO strategy, Moz helps identify keyword and content opportunities, and provides an innovative reporting solution too.

Learn more

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics and data platform that can track and report upon website traffic. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service, and the audience data and insights within the platform help to inform all of the work we undertake here at Clicky.

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Amazon Ads

Learn more


One of the most visual and creative social platforms, Instagram allows users to share videos and imagery with their followers, and not forgetting the ability for businesses to advertise their products and services to a large audience.

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Another essential of the CRO team’s toolkit, Hotjar allows us to see exactly how your users are behaving on your website. The learnings and insights from Hotjar allow us to further streamline your website’s user experience, and move more customers to a point of conversion.

Learn more

Crazy Egg

See how people really use your website with Crazy Egg. Whether it’s a heatmap, scrollmap, or user recording, Crazy Egg can help you visualise how people move around your website.

Learn more

Google Ads

Google Ads – formerly known as AdWords – is Google’s own advertising platform. Google Ads accounts for 33% of global advertising revenue, and 97% of Google’s revenue.

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One of the essentials of the SEO’s toolkit, SEMRush provides comprehensive data and insights into keywords, search queries, and changing trends.

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The largest of the social platforms, Facebook has over 1.3 billion daily active users worldwide. This is perfect for businesses to reach both niche and broader audiences to promote their products or services.

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Twitter’s global monthly users currently stand at 330 million, the perfect audience for you to advertise to. 

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With over 530 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is the largest social networking platform for working professionals.

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Similar to Crazy Egg and Hotjar, Mouseflow is a user behaviour tracking tool which allows us to see how users have behaved on your website, and optimise accordingly.

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Our Clients

Here are some the brands & organisations we have undertaken Insights projects for.

FREE initial consultation and bespoke Insights plan with our Google qualified digital Strategy & Insights team.

We’d like to hear more about the challenge you’re facing, and begin to plot out the research and analysis we feel we’d need to undertake in order to provide a solution. We’ll talk you through the process, and introduce you to key members of your bespoke project team.

Whether you’re running out of ideas to turn around your organic search performance, or you’d like to consider implementing a cart abandonment remarketing scheme and don’t know where to begin, our Strategy & Insights team can help find a solution, and work with your team to implement a fix as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Insights projects seek to extend the talent and experience of Clicky’s team through to your own business. Whatever the challenge you’re facing, drop us a line today and see how an Insights project might be able eo help.

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All pricing for our Discovery projects is based on the number of hours we need to conduct the research, analysis, and strategy development for your bespoke project.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. We will work with you to assess your business, goals, and aims for the project and provide a quote for the number of hours our team will need to complete the inclusions of your Discovery project. These inclusions are suggested by your project team, and are their honest assessment of what research and analysis will be required in order to produce a strategy which will meet and achieve your goals.

Our hourly rate starts from £70+VAT.

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Take a look at how our Strategy & Insights team have worked with Little Mistress to dramatically improve search engine rankings.

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