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Are you advertising on the world’s second-biggest search engine?


It’s estimated that globally YouTube has 1.5 Billion active users on the platform every single month, with average watch time on mobile clocking it at over an hour a day. More than ever before, users are looking for practical answers to their questions on the platform, on everything from ‘how to’ videos to tutorials and reviews of products in virtually every vertical. This makes YouTube the second biggest search engine in the world, and a clear opportunity for your brand.

Choosing the best option for your business can be daunting, especially with the numerous targeting options on offer. That’s where our team comes in to create a video strategy aligned with your business goals to reach users at any stage of the funnel.

We collaborate with our wider team to identify the most impactful strategy, to reach the audiences that will connect with your brand through emotion and storytelling, helping us achieve the results that matter to you.

We can do it all.

Not only can we produce a creative video, but we can also use our experience of creating and managing YouTube campaigns to get your video seen by your target audience and generate the results that matter to you.


We work with you to connect with the audiences that matter to you most to achieve the results that matter.

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Meet Your South Africa: YouTube Strategy.

1.6 million video views.

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