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Using Google Ads but not Bing Ads? Time to add Bing into the mix

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Even to this day, many businesses advertise on Google AdWords but not on Bing Ads.

In the United Kingdom alone, there are 905 million searches on Bing a month and the search engine has over 25% market share on desktop devices. Globally, the figures are even more impressive – an incredible 12 billion searches take place each month on Bing worldwide.

What’s more, Bing often offers companies higher conversion rates and cheaper cost per click (CPCs) than Google. This is generally down to fewer advertisers bidding on Bing and an older demographic, with a higher disposable income, favouring desktop computers over mobile phones.

Clicky has over a decade’s worth of experience and expertise managing Bing accounts. Our team can work with you to take over an existing campaign, quickly get your ads up and running on the Bing search network and on the recently reintroduced native “content” network.  

As an Official Bing Select Partner, Clicky has high-level access to senior Bing Ads contacts and to exclusive betas/new features.

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