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Hugely effective with an incredible reach.

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Formerly known as AdWords, Google Ads is Google’s Own Advertising Platform

Google Ads accounts for 33% of global advertising revenue and 97% of Google’s revenue.

To get an idea of how successful you can be when using it, Google calculates that for every £1 advertisers spend on Google Ads, they get on average £2 back. The success of this platform is largely down to the sheer amount of traffic Google receives every day.

Google Ads allows you to bid on the search terms you choose and compete with other advertisers to get in front of the eyes of the right customer.

At Clicky, before setting up any campaign within Google Ads, we perform extensive industry research and plan out our campaigns accordingly. Using this, we can build out relevant campaigns that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

Once traffic begins to come through the account, we can quickly get a view of how the campaigns are performing. Using that data, we make informed decisions and optimise the account accordingly, bringing in more customers at a lower price.

Quick Facts...

  • Only Pay for Clicks

    You only pay when you get a click; so you don’t pay when someone views your ad
  • Huge Reach

    Huge wide reach, its display network reaches over 90% of all global internet users
  • Instant Impact

    It takes reduces time spent trying to rank organically. With the right bidding strategy, you can appear at the top in a matter of minutes
  • Highly Targeted

    You only appear for terms you choose; meaning the traffic you receive is highly relevant
  • Reporting

    Using reports within Adwords, you can see how you’re faring up against your competition over time
  • Budgeting

    You can set a daily budget within Adwords so you can control how much you’re spending each day

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