Google Analytics

Access a world of data about your website.

What is Google Analytics?

By having a small line of code within your website, Google Analytics allows you to access a world of data through which you can understand who your users are, how they behave and how you can best tailor your website to cater to them.

Despite being completely free to use, Google Analytics is possibly the greatest platform for driving forward the standard of websites and apps which brands offer consumers. The data within the platform allows you to identify exactly who your customers are, how they arrived at your website, what they do and don’t like about your website and how they behaved once they arrived.

If you have a website, chances are you might already have Google Analytics set up and not even know about it! We can’t celebrate this wonderful platform enough, and how pivotal we believe audience data and insights are to achieving success online.

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Why Do We Use Google Analytics?

  • Audience Demographics

    The data within Google Analytics will be able to tell you the demographic make up of your customers, and whether a 50-year old male from Manchester is more likely to purchase from you than a 25-year old female. Cool, right?
  • Technology

    Using Google Analytics, we'll also be able to learn which devices your customers are on. Whether they use a mobile device to research you first, before getting in touch or purchasing on a desktop. We can even tell the model of phone or screen size.
  • Customer Acquisition

    Google Analytics can also tell us how users found your website too. Did they come from Facebook or LinkedIn? Which of the email newsletters that you're sending out generated the most new business? Google Analytics knows!
  • User Journey & Behaviour

    We can also map out the user journey on your website, and identify where people drop-off. This is particularly helpful for our CRO teams in improving the path to purchase or conversion.
  • Events, Goals, & E-Commerce

    With minimal set-up, Google Analytics can also report upon the behaviours users take on your website. We'll know whether they watch a video, add a product to their basket, click a phone number, complete a purchase, or forget to put in their phone number when completing a form.
  • Real-Time

    Did we mention that this data is also available in real time? No waiting around for weeks to understand who's on your website, or what they've done. Reporting in Analytics is almost instantaneous.

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