Google Data Studio

Easy-to-understand reports through data visualisation

What is Google Data Studio?

Google’s new reporting software Data Studio allows us to turn your Google AdWords, Analytics, and Optimize data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualisation.

The reports are entirely flexible, and can be designed and altered to suit you and your business. Whether you’d prefer a one-page overview for senior board members, or a detailed PPC report for your marketing team, Data Studio allows us to create and customise reports as you would prefer to see them. We can select how you would like to see the data too — bar graphs, charts, line graphs and so on, so you don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by data and numbers.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of Data Studio however, is that we’re not just limited to Google data in what we can report on. We can work with almost any data, Facebook, Instagram, etc., through either integrating or exporting data. This means that we can use Data Studio as a central reporting suite to report upon everything from your Facebook adverts, to your YouTube campaign, or ongoing CRO experiments.

What sets Data Studio apart from other reporting suites however, is that the reports are dynamic, so when there’s an update to the data source, the new information automatically shows up on any reports that reference the source.

Put simply, this essentially means the reports can be ‘real time,’ and you can simply hop in and check where your PPC advertising or CRO experiment is up to at any one time.

No more waiting for end-of-the-month reports, or having to call up your SEO team for an update. Instead, Data Studio means you can check in on performance in just a few clicks, and as such, all of our marketing teams here at Clicky utilise Data Studio for reporting.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Data Studio?

  • Customisable Reporting

    We have complete control over how we present data in Data Studio, so, whether you prefer to see PPC performance in a line chart or table, we can tweak reports to suit you.
  • Google Product Integration

    Data Studio is naturally integrated with products such as AdWords, Optimize, and Analytics, making PPC, CRO, and SEO reporting easier than even.
  • Third-Party Data

    Positively, Data Studio also works with third-party reporting too, so you can even see email marketing and social reports all in one place.
  • 'Real Time' Reporting

    Data Studio is constantly updating itself when the source data changes, meaning that you don't have to wait until the end of the month to see your performance.
  • Branding & Styling

    For those of us who care how our reports look, Data Studio even has some nifty design features which allow us to brand reports as per your company brand guidelines.
  • Reporting Made Easy

    Above all else, Data Studio makes reporting easy. It's simple for us to produce reports, and hassle-free for you to access and interpret them. Of course, all your reports are bespoke, and can be changed to best suit you.

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