Google Optimize

One of the best CRO toolkits on the market

What is Google Optimize?

As a Google Premier Partner, we believe Google’s Optimize platform is one of the best CRO toolkits on the market. Whether you’re trying to run a quick A/B test, or want to consider a more complex redirect test, Optimize is a powerful platform solution.

Perhaps the chief benefit which Optimize has over other CRO solution is that, as a Google product, it has seamless integration with other platforms such as AdWords, Data Studio or Google Analytics. This means that there’s no more difficult integration or clunky reporting between different platforms. Instead, Optimize allows us to easily share data between all Google products, and streamline processes between your PPC, SEO, and CRO teams.

What's CRO?

Sean McQuaide of LunaMetrics sums this up perfectly;

“Enter Google Optimize, an A/B testing and personalization tool that uses Google Analytics data to power your CRO efforts. Obviously A/B testing is nothing new, neither is serving personalized content based on customer behavior. The true progress here is how Google Optimize pairs with Google Analytics, and how easily we can tie our experiments to KPIs in Google Analytics.”

This integration allows for a number of key benefits which other platforms simply can’t achieve. Chief amongst these benefits, is a level of reporting and analysis which is nothing less than a dream for anybody in the CRO industry. If data and audience insights interest you, the pairing of Analytics and Optimize is very good news!

Aside from this integration, Optimize is still a very powerful CRO testing solution in it’s own right, and allows us to conduct all manner of experiments. Whether it’s a simple A/B test on a CTA, altering elements of a page with a multivariate test, or a completely bespoke design comparison through redirect testing, Optimize is our CRO platform of choice.


What Does Google Optimize Allow Us To Do?

  • A/B Testing

    Often considered the introductory path to CRO, A/B testing is the process of altering one element on a page in order to judge a different in user behaviour. For example, changing the colour of a CTA button.
  • Multivariate Testing

    Slightly more complex than A/B testing, multivariate testing is the process of testing multiple elements of a page in order to find the best combination. For example, changing both the imagery and CTA button, to find the pairing which works best.
  • Redirect Testing

    Going one step further again, redirect testing allows for the complete testing of two entirely different pages to see which perform best amongst users. This could take the form of testing two entirely different 'contact us' pages, for example.
  • Integrate With Google Analytics

    As we've highlighted earlier, one of the key benefits of Google Optimize is that it can be integrated with Google Analytics; your website's data hub.
  • Share AdWords Data

    This also means that we can test amongst advertising campaigns too, through Google's AdWords platform.
  • Report In Data Studio

    Finally, Google Optimize allows us to report in Data Studio too, Google's friendly and easy-to-use reporting software.

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