Google Shopping

Google Shopping accounts for around 58% of retailers’ Google search ad clicks in the UK.

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Google Shopping Explained

Google Shopping, formerly known as ‘product listing ads’, is an advertising channel available via Google Ads.

It allows you to display image based ads for individual products along with Google’s standard search results. Ads are served to users shopping around, or showing signs that they are ready to make a purchase.

With a few small exceptions, shopping ads are reserved for eCommerce websites selling tangible products, rather than services, and the ads are made up of an image of your product, the price and its name. The activity is powered by a shopping feed (essentially a big list of your products) which is held in what’s called a Google merchant centre account and then linked into Google Ads.

As Google shopping is specifically for eCommerce websites, it is incredibly easy to attribute actual revenue back to specific areas of spend, and we use this information to always make sure that your campaigns are generating the best ROI possible, and our work is focused on always improving your return.

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