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Gmail Ads Can Boost Your Email Marketing

When executed correctly, Gmail Ad campaigns can supplement and boost the performance of a business’ email marketing efforts.

We were one of the first digital agencies in the UK to be given access to Gmail Ads beta by Google, so we really know how to utilise it’s high-level audience targeting to make email marketing smarter and more efficient. We also have the design resources to create more visually appealing email ads, to help improve click rates.

The targeting options for Gmail Ads are endless and there are so many creative ways to utilise them for great results. 

Quick Facts of Gmail Ads...

  • Navigate the Array of Targeting Options

    We can advise the most applicable option from the following affinity audiences, audience keywords, customer match, demographics, remarketing and life events
  • Tailor Campaigns

    to reach new customers who Allowing you to have the most potential
  • Highly Targeted Campaigns

    By targeting the inbox of past purchasers or shopping cart abandoners by combining Gmail Ads with remarketing
  • Incentivise Your Customers

    To buy additional items or to finish an online transaction with a Gmail Ad displaying a discount code
  • Use Your USPs to Your Advantage

    By serving ads to customers that target competitor offerings

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