A collection of user behavioural tracking tools

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a collection of user behavioural tracking tools which allow us to gather more qualitative data to support the metrics we see in platforms such as Google Analytics.

Although it’s easy to get lost in Google Analytics data, it’s always best to support this with qualitative, visual behaviour tracking, such as that provided to us by Hotjar. Much like Crazy Egg and Mouseflow, Hotjar allows us to gather user recordings and heatmaps to inform our ongoing CRO analysis and testing. However, Hotjar does allow us to go that extra step further and consider user funnels, form analysis and drop-off, as well as gather user feedback.



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Why Do We Use Hotjar?

  • User Surveys & Testing

    Interestingly, Hotjar allows us to 'recruit' user testers for your website by offering a small incentive. We can then ask users to complete a survey after testing your website, to collect qualitative user feedback.
  • Form Analysis

    Hotjar also allows us to discover which fields are really putting users off completing your forms. This insight is often crucial in improving conversion rates.
  • Heatmaps

    As with Crazy Egg and Mouseflow, Hotjar's heatmaps allow us to see exactly where users click on your website, and segment this data by a number of different dimensions.
  • Recordings

    Going one step beyond heatmaps, visual user recordings allow us to eliminate guesswork and see exactly which path a user took, and which content they interacted with.
  • Conversion Funnels

    By creating user pathways or journeys within Hotjar, we can see exactly at what stage users are dropping off, and conduct CRO experiments to combat this drop-off.

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