Instagram Ads

A visual platform to build your brand online

The Visual Platform

With ⅓ of the most viewed stories on Instagram coming from businesses, Instagram is a great visual platform to get your brand in front of highly relevant audiences. Owned by Facebook, Instagram uses the Facebook ad platform and therefore has the same targeting capabilities and a diverse range of creative ad formats, including carousel, single image, video and story ads.

60% of people learn about a product or service on Instagram, and 75% take action after being inspired by a post, therefore, if your business isn’t utilising Instagram’s advertising platform you could be missing out on potential business!

Our Service

Our digital experts have the knowledge and experience of running social campaigns to determine if Instagram is the best platform to promote your business, and we can tailor make strategies that align with all of your marketing activity to reach those all important business goals.

In addition to standard targeted campaigns, we can also target lookalike audiences, and remarket to existing users who have had a previous interaction with your ad or website. These work particularly well for generating brand loyalty and increasing retention rates.

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