Magento 2

An easier control solution for your ecommerce website

What is Magento 2?

It’s estimated that 1 in 4 businesses are using the Magento software to run their business as it offers a range of tools to cover all marketing and product management needs.

M2 continues to offer a varied solution on beneficial features, meaning it’s a platform that provides websites for smaller businesses right through to leading retailers trading online, however, what’s different about M2 is its scalable solution with powerful out of the box functionality.

Magento 2 Features include...

  • Product Management

    Out of the box configuration for the flexibility of your store management
  • Scheduled Updates

    Updates and changes can now be scheduled to fall inline with your business needs
  • Multi Purpose

    M2 now allows for the set up of an additional website utilising a similar catalogue of products, for different countries and currencies
  • Built with New Technologies in Mind

    M2 is now compatible with latest technologies, such as PHP 7
  • Customer Experience is Key

    The checkout process is much sleeker, personalised experience based on your customers online behaviour and faster search functionality is all available with M2
  • Third-Party Additions

    Integration of your business platforms and the addition of new functionality makes M2 a flexible solution for your business

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