A powerful search engine optimisation tool

What is Moz?

Moz is a complex search engine optimisation tool which allows our Strategy & Insights and SEO teams to understand detailed keyword performance, monitor trends and changes over time.

Much like SEMRush, Moz allows our teams to understand organic search performance in a greater detail than would be the case with standard products and tools. Perhaps the greatest offering of Moz is it’s keyword products and tools. By using Moz, we can understand exactly how customers are searching for your site, and as such, can optimise your website and content accordingly. Moz also has a handy reporting suite which allows us to track progress over time too, so we can see how much ground you’ve made on particular queries or rankings.

As with other tools in the market, Moz also allows us to audit your site in greater detail, and be more proactive with our suggestions. For example, through Moz we can assess the quality of links pointing to your website, breaking down their domain authority, and determining the true benefit that linking websites are having on your website and performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Moz?

  • Link Monitoring

    Links are ultimately one of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign, and Moz allows us to both identify new links, as well as assess the benefit of existing links to your website.
  • Develop Customer Understanding

    Moz allows us to learn exactly how people are searching for your website, and pay attention to shifting patterns and trends in their behaviour.
  • Keyword & Ranking Tracking

    One of the greatest benefits of Moz is it's simple, but powerful keyword tracking tool. This allows us to monitor progression on rankings for your website.
  • Site Auditing

    Moz does have a fairly comprehensive crawler which can help to identify any technical SEO issues as a part of our 'health checks.'
  • Content Suggestions

    Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of Moz, is that content suggestion tool. By understanding your existing performance, Moz can help to shape your website's content or blogs by providing content suggestions.

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