One of the leading CRO platforms

What is Optimizely?

It would be fair to say that Optimizely is probably one the leading experimentation and personalisation platforms, enabling us to execute continuous experimentation and personalisation across client websites.

Much like VWO, Optimizely was one of the big players before the advent of Google Optimize, and was the platform of choice for many within the CRO industry. Optimizely is a platform which is fairly easy to use, and naturally this means that the platform has been widely adopted by thousands of different businesses.
Here at Clicky, our CRO team have experience and expertise in a wide-range of platforms and tools, and clients frequently approach us having heard of Optimizely, or having worked with the platform in the past. If you’d like to find out more about CRO, Optimizely, or the other platforms we use here at Clicky, why not check out our CRO team?
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