175 million active monthly users & growing

Pinterest Advertising

As a very visual platform with some fairly comprehensive targeting options, Pinterest allows interest based and audience targeting as well as keywords targeting, with interest being the area in which they excel due to the nature of the platform.

With 175 million active monthly users across the world, Pinterest is seeing huge growth and is continuing to innovate, bridging the gap between advertisers and users by promoting new ways to interact and engage with their content.

Our Pinterest Service

The basis of a solid social media strategy is to consider multiple platforms, and our digital experts can advise on the best digital strategy to meet your goals. If you’re looking to reach new audiences and build brand awareness, Pinterest could be a great option for you, especially since 40% of people reached on Pinterest were new to the advertised brand.

In addition to promoting your website, Pinterest allows you to promote apps, create remarketing audiences and has a great reporting platform. This enables us to create in-depth campaigns and accurately report on engagement and ROI to ensure Pinterest is performing according to your business goals.

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