Find profitable keywords

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is a tool that helps our SEO and Strategy & Insights teams find you profitable keywords.

Understanding which keywords have the greatest volume, competition, and potential return is instrumental in achieving online success, and SEMRush allows us to find out exactly this information for particular sets of keywords.

The platform helps to identify additional information too, such as trends that are happening within a particular sector or industry, as well as identifying a variety of keywords, and helping our teams to audit your on-page SEO, as well as helping to check rankings and back links.

Benefits of SEMRush

  • Pinpoint Success

    SEMRush allows us to identify which keywords are performing well for your brand, and which are really driving the most customers.
  • Identify Opportunities

    Beyond this, SEMRush allows us to identify similar keywords and queries which might be beneficial for your brand.
  • Measure Competitors

    Interestingly, SEMRush also allows us to keep tabs on competitors, and monitor how their rankings and strategies change over time.
  • Examine Crossover

    SEMRush also let's us identify the keywords which you're competing on with your competitors. This often throws up a few surprises!
  • Understand Main Traffic Drivers

    Through SEMRush, we can also breakdown the percentage of traffic driven by particular keywords of queries, ensuring we optimise your sight from and informed and considered position.
  • Site Audits

    Finally, SEMRush does have some tools which we can use within a technical site audit too, such as bank link analysis. Mostly though, SEMRush helps us to identify opportunities moving forward.

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