Sky AdSmart

A New Format of TV Advertising

A New Format of TV Advertising

Advertisers can cherry-pick their ideal audience using a vast choice of custom combinations such as age, location, affluence, demographics, household composition, income and Mosaic lifestyle – to name a few.

Different ads can be shown to different households watching the same national TV programme, opening up the power of TV to niche brands, SMEs and location-specific companies. Moreover, Sky AdSmart works on a cost per impression (CPM) basis and advertisers are only charged when 75% or more of the ad is shown at normal viewing speed. This means you are not charged for adverts that are skipped or fast-forwarded.

As one of the few Digital Agencies to not only offer Sky AdSmart, but to have experience of running their campaigns, we can help all businesses large and small to start a modern and effective TV advertising campaign. Contact us today to find out more.


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