Spotify Ads

Unique Advertising to those who listen to music online

140 Million Active Users

In the UK alone the platform is seeing a 29% year on year growth and on average spend 2+ hours a day streaming music cross-platform. Out of the 140 million users, 60% use Spotify’s free ad-supported platform.

Spotify’s unique streaming intelligence allows you to target people by who they are, what they’re listening to and when and how they’re listening, whilst using a range of ad formats such as video, display and audio.

Key benefits to advertising on Spotify...

  • Perfect Target Audience

    The platform is particularly effective if you’re looking to target millennials. Millennials who are influencers of tech, entertainment, and music are 94% more likely to be on Spotify
  • Real Time Targeting

    52% of Spotify streams come from mobile devices, therefore you can reach an engaged audience in real-time with the right content
  • Measurable Results

    Unlike radio advertising, you can actually measure the success of your ads
  • Creative Advertising

    Spotify has some great features which allows you to get really creative with your campaigns

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