World’s Only Content-First Influencer Marketplace

World’s Only Content-First Influencer Marketplace

Tribe is the world’s only content-first influencer marketplace, connecting brands directly with micro-influencers and subsequently, with their online audience. A micro-influencer can be defined as anyone with an established online presence; more specifically a following of 3,000 people or more, across any one of their partner social platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

The process is simple: we define your brief and relevant micro-influencers respond by creating unique, associated content for us to approve, accompanied by their fee. Once the strategic selection process has been undertaken, posts are shared amongst audiences most likely to engage with your product, service or brand.

We can support you throughout all stages of this process: whether it’s planning and devising a targeted approach, writing the brief, developing the creative or refining your audience selection. We also provide a consultancy service so we can analyse and apply our key learnings to optimise your campaigns.

Why should you consider adding influencer marketing...

  • Influencer marketing with Tribe is simple and immediately effective
  • It allows you full autonomy, since you only pay for content that you truly love, feel best it represents your brand and really want to use
  • Content must be displayed for a minimum of 30 days - a fantastic opportunity for viewer interaction and engagement
  • It’s an opportunity to truly celebrate your brand with quality, bespoke, eye-catching content
  • Since micro-influencers are real consumers, encouraged to produce content for brands or products they are genuinely interested in, the process maintains a level of authenticity that’s hard to come by in our world of filtered perceptions

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