A comprehensive CRO testing platform

What is VWO?

Previously known as Visual Website Optimiser, VWO is a comprehensive CRO testing platform which is one of the industry-leading solutions.

It’d be fair to say that before Google Optimize was around, VWO was really the major player in the CRO world. Whilst it’s a comprehensive testing platform, there were admittedly some headaches, such as the reporting solution, as well as integration with third-party tools such as Google Analytics. All in all, VWO can be a good CRO testing solution, it just takes some patience and work to get to that point.

The benefits of VWO though, are pretty clear. It’s been around for some time, and as such, has a wealth of information and support available. VWO also has a library of CRO tests and experiments, so we can refer back to other experiments when planning your website changes. It’s also a very user-friendly platform which is easy to navigate and often considered easier and quicker to learn than Google Optimize. With all being said, however, our CRO team do mostly prefer Google Optimize!

Are you stuck between two platforms, or struggling to improve your website’s conversion rate? Why not take a look at what our CRO team are up to?


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What Does VWO Allow Us To Do?

  • A/B Tests

    The most simple CRO test, A/B testing is a process of creating two different version of a webpage, with a particular element such as a button, altered with a number of variants to see which performs best.
  • Multivariate Tests

    Building on from A/B testing, multivariate testing allows us to test more than one element of a page at a time, such as a button and an image, to find the pairing which performs best with customers.
  • Split URL Tests

    The most comprehensive CRO test, split URL (or redirect tests) allow us to compare performance between two completely different versions of a page.
  • Personalisation

    Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of VWO, is the personalisation tool. This allows us to tailor the website with specific content subject to behaviour, demographics, or other dimensions.
  • Website Review / On-Page Survey

    Another strong selling point of VWO, is the ability to conduct on-page surveys as a pop-up to get qualitative user feedback.
  • Heatmaps & Clickmaps

    Much like Crazy Egg, VWO also allows us to collect heatmaps and clickmaps, so we can visually witness how your users interact with your website.

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