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The Best Websites Don’t Stay Still

The world of web development moves at a fast pace – no successful site stays stationary.

To keep up with the needs of your audience and meet the standards of the latest technology, your website needs to be an evolving entity.

Our team of dedicated front-end developers provide a website management and maintenance service to help manage the ongoing progression of your website, ensuring it works to the highest possible standard.

ProSupport encompasses a wide range of capabilities, from smaller maintenance fixes to the development of landing pages or bigger content pieces matching your website’s requirements.

How Does it Work?

Clicky offers a ProSupport service that is dedicated to our clients’ best interests.

Among backups of the site, fulfilling security updates and developing new features, we can also contribute proactive ideas to help ensure your website continues to evolve, with a focus on high quality.

In the interest of improving performance, our website management service can greatly aid marketing with fresh developments for CRO tests, the implementation of event tracking, adding calls to action and much more. We pride ourselves on our positive approach and will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Why ProSupport?

  • Data-led

    We work closely with our Strategy & Insights team to ensure that the work we do on your website is focused and informed using real audience data
  • Innovative

    Our team of developers are on hand to offer advice and proactive suggestions for key improvements that can be made to your website. When the rest of the internet is changing around you, innovation is the heart of progress
  • Multifaceted

    From fixing broken buttons to redeveloping pages in order to keep up with the ever-changing pace of your website, our team offers a multifaceted approach to match your site’s needs
  • Adaptive

    Outside of planned work, we ensure a couple of your monthly hours are ready to be utilised for any reactive work required, allowing us to adapt towards your priorities within a given month
  • Accommodating

    Our team of developers are supported by the account team, who manage the scheduling system, working hard to accommodate to meet everyone’s needs
  • Transparent

    Each month, you will receive a document reporting on the previous month’s work. These reports include a clear view of the hours spent, the hours available for the following month, a detailed breakdown of the work carried out and our plans for the following month

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Recent Examples of Our Work

The type of work we do varies enormously, below are some examples of the things our talented team of digital specialists can do for your business.

Website Fixes & Technical Support

A website is a lot like a car, if you take care of it and keep it updated regularly, it can last longer.

Our team of developers offer regular audits for our clients and carry out website housekeeping tasks such as SSL certificate installation, image and text changes, updates and SPAM protection.

Marketing Support

Ensuring your website reflects your marketing strategy is crucial.

A lot of our daily work involves technical support for SEO optimisation, navigation and structural changes, creating and improving landing pages for PPC campaigns, adding tracking to capture results and doing development for CRO tests.

Consultation & Website Strategy

Figuring out what to do next in the digital landscape to remain a market leader can be a challenge.

Our team of developers and designers can be on hand for wider planning sessions, carrying out competitor reviews and to produce big ideas to inform your website strategy so you are staying ahead of the curve.

Content & Stand Alone Pieces

Presenting your information doesn’t have to be boring.

If you have a specific campaign or brand issue, we can support with larger pieces of development that address a specific audience insight for your business in an engaging way, such as cost calculators, animated infographics, calendars or timelines!

Client Management

For all of our clients, we have a dedicated client management service.

Put simply, this is to ensure that you have a key point of contact for the duration of your time with us and is charged like all of our other services. Your account manager keeps work on time and on budget and is there to improve the service we offer.

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Each piece of work is quoted on an individual basis and will be based on the time we require for the ongoing management and development of your website.

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