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SEO, or search engine optimisation involves making your website user and search engine friendly to help it to appear highly in organic search results. 

Search Engine Optimisation should be a core consideration when deciding to market your business online. With a well-optimised site, you can expect to drive a high amount of traffic and leads into your business, which will invariably result in more sales. 

It’s widely accepted that improving your presence in search engines such as Google and Bing is a scalable, ROI driven method of generating awareness and sales for your business. 


Here are a selection of the brands our Organic Search team work with.

SEO But Probably Not As You Know It

The search landscape is constantly changing, and it’s difficult to keep up with algorithm changes and new technologies whilst scaling your SEO efforts. That’s where we come in.

Clicky’s SEO service is slightly different to the ones that you’ll have encountered in the past. Our team have a wealth of experience in search and digital as a whole, and craft strategies solely designed to generate the strongest ROI possible for your business from organic search. 

As your SEO agency, we act as an extension of your team and immerse ourselves in your business to ensure that our strategy stays in line with your business and commercial goals at all times.

We’ve worked with brands of all sizes in a variety of industries, and have achieved some incredible results across them. So whether your company is focused on driving customers through local SEO, or looking to drive leads on a national level – we’re confident that we can deliver a search engine optimisation strategy tailored to your goals.

Our Approach to SEO

Our approach to search engine optimisation is simple – we strip away the fluff and misinformation and focus on the core principles of SEO to bring you the greatest ROI. 

We understand exactly what search engines such as Google and Bing are looking for when they crawl, index and rank websites, and everything that we do for you always comes back to these principles. 

As an agency, we pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between data and creative, and our SEO services are no different. SEO is no longer just about appeasing search engines and algorithms, it’s also reliant on gaining trust and recognition from your target audience – combining technical with creative allows us to do both. 

Due to this, our team doesn’t just consist of SEO specialists. It also comprises of content and digital PR specialists. Due to this, we’re able to put your website in the best position to rank in organic search results technically whilst having the tools to create content that your users love and to promote it effortlessly. 

We’re also transparent. As a business, we have a commercial responsibility to you, meaning that any SEO work that we conduct on your website is adherent to guidelines, and is designed to have a commercial impact on your business. 

Quick Facts...

  • Data driven

    We use data to make decisions not assumptions
  • Creative & Technical

    A creative and technical approach
  • User focused

    We know its all about users
  • Commercially aware

    Our team understand that SEO is all about ROI
  • Qualified team

    Our team are qualified and able
  • Combined search

    We work closely with PPC teams

Our SEO Services

With such a diverse and experienced team, we’re able to offer support in a wide range of areas of SEO. We’ve listed some of the most common aspects of SEO that clients approach us to support in below.

Local SEO

Promote your bricks and mortar presence through our targeted local SEO campaigns.

Ecommerce SEO

If you sell products online, ecommerce SEO should be part of your strategy.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse your competitors to understand the most efficient ways to eclipse them in organic search.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures your site is technically well set up to be able to rank for your target terms.

Combined Search

Our combined search service utilises paid search data to craft a synergetic, ROI driven search strategy. 

International SEO

If you’re looking to grow into new territories, international SEO should be a focus.

Website Migrations

Successful migrations ensure organic traffic isn’t lost as you transition to a new site.

SEO Consultancy

If you already have an in-house team, and you’re looking for an SEO agency to provide extra resource and help steer your strategy, you might be better suited to our consultancy service. This would give you access to our team of specialists and our suite of tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Hitwise and more to help inform your efforts and take your organic search efforts to the next level.

Clicky SEO Team

SEO Training

We’re a big believer in empowering our clients, and believe that SEO training is the best way to do that. Over the years, we’ve delivered countless sessions that have given our clients the insight that they need to grow their organic search presence. Our training sessions are often used to help internal teams understand ways in which we can work together to amplify existing efforts.

SEO Reporting

Every business has its own key metrics and performance indicators to achieve results against. Our reports are created bespoke to focus on these. We’re well versed in traditional reporting platforms such as Google Analytics and Omniture, but we often like to take this a step further by utilising your own internal CRM and systems to add extra layers of insight to our reports. 

Google Penalty Recovery

The last couple years have seen monumental shifts in the way that Google’s algorithms work, and it’s easy to fall foul of an algorithmic update. We have a large amount of experience in helping sites to diagnose and recover from Google penalties. If you think that you’ve been affected by an update, get in touch with us to see how we can support.

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