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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, involves making your website as user and search engine friendly as possible to help it to appear highly in search results.

We’re not your typical SEO agency. We don’t blind you with technical jargon, keep you in the dark over what we’re doing or promise you that you’ll rank in position #1 for a random keyword.

Our SEO services are geared towards you and your business. We work with you and your team to create an organic search strategy that provides a strong ROI. We’re transparent at all times and want to see your business succeed.


Here are a selection of the brands our Organic Search team work with.

SEO But Probably Not As You Know It

It isn’t enough to target lots of keywords and gain as many links as you can anymore. SEO requires a more holistic, rounded approach.

That’s where we differ from a typical SEO agency that you might have encountered before. We won’t promise you that we’ll land you 100+ backlinks a month, or even that we’ll increase your website traffic by hundreds of percent. We’re much more specific than that.

Our strategy focuses on what’s important to your business. We’re commercially savvy, ROI focused and aware of the impact organic search has on the bigger picture. We take into account your business’ vision along with SEO best practices to devise bespoke solutions that bring about tangible results.

For clients that choose us as both a paid and organic search provider, we’re also able to create a combined search strategy. This involves creating a synergetic approach between the two channels to create an extremely strong presence in search.

Quick Facts...

  • Data driven

    We use data to make decisions not assumptions
  • Creative & Technical

    A creative and technical approach
  • User focused

    We know its all about users
  • Commercially aware

    Our team understand that SEO is all about ROI
  • Qualified team

    Our team are qualified and able
  • Combined search

    We work closely with PPC teams

93% of Online Experiences Begin With a Search Engine

It is vital that your company has a strong enough organic presence to feature in those experiences.

There are two ways to make your site appear in search engines; organically and using Paid Search Advertisements (PPC).

Organic search has been known to marketers for many years, some of whom might associate it with words such as ‘backlinks’, ‘keywords’ and ‘algorithms’. Over the years, it has evolved from being focused on matching exact keywords based on a user’s search to revolving around relevance, user intent and promoting valuable information.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t dead, it’s just become a lot more difficult for sites to rank highly in Google’s results pages. With hundreds of changes made to Google’s core algorithms every year, it’s never been more important for an SEO agency to have a constantly evolving, advanced approach to search engine optimisation.

Data-Driven Organic Search

Google’s search algorithms are all based around machine learning and logic-based rules/scoring. Our approach to organic search is aligned with that.

In our experience, guess-work can take up valuable time, resource and money and always carries the risk of not achieving the desired results.

For that reason, we prefer to take a data-driven approach to our SEO campaigns. Working closely with our Strategy & Insights team, we delve deep into the information collected by your brand, audience data and industry trends to drive each and every decision – and campaign – forward.

We work with data to build meaningful relationships between yourself and your target audience through well-targeted search campaigns. Building these relationships and the trust associated with them means we can make your brand the go-to for potential customers.

By utilising relevant platforms, from standard tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to more complex marketing analysis tools, we’re able to create bespoke SEO strategies that work. This means that we eliminate the guesswork to save your company time and money.


If you’d like to hear about some of the ways that we can help you, get in touch for a free SEO audit.

Our specialist team here at Clicky can offer some useful tips to help you increase your organic search performance and help you to achieve your goals.

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All pricing for our organic search services is charged based on the number of hours we need to plan, build and manage your campaigns.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Our team will assess your campaign and provide a quote for the number of hours our team will need on a monthly basis to achieve your goals.

Our hourly rate is charged at £70+VAT.

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