Google Penalty Recovery

What is a Google Penalty?

Google Penalties are served to websites that are found to be using tactics that go against Google’s marketing guidelines. This commonly includes using manipulative strategies to gain rankings, including black hat link building techniques, the over-targeting of keywords, and excessive internal linking. 

Do I have a Google Penalty? 

Traffic and/or rankings can unexpectedly drop for a number of reasons. Webmasters commonly notice a decline in performance following an algorithm update, which can be caused by the same type of issues that can incur a manual penalty.

If you can rule out technical issues or large website changes, it could be likely that Google has undertaken a crawl, interpreted something as negative, and as a result decided to reduce visibility for your website and rank competing websites higher. If you have a Google Penalty, it will be highlighted within your Google Search Console account as a “manual penalty” with details as to why this has occurred. 

How to recover from and avoid Google Penalties

Our SEO team at Clicky are well equipped to evaluate your website in order to determine the cause of a manual penalty and/or unexpected decline in performance. We complete a number of investigative checks as well as thorough audits and analysis, in order to uncover any issues resulting in the decreased visibility of your website.

Our all encompassing SEO strategies are designed to help you recover from a penalty as quickly as possible, whilst also putting your website in a stronger position to rank organically than before the penalty took place.

If your website has not received a manual penalty, there is still a chance that it is at risk of receiving one. Our SEO methods ensure that we’re not just growing traffic or rankings for your website, but we are also protecting the website from potential manual penalties and future algorithm updates. 

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