What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of optimising your website so it can be clearly understood by users and search engine crawlers. This helps your website get indexed and appear in the search engine results pages, ready to be found by people interested in your product or services.

When undertaking technical SEO we use a wide range of on page and off page techniques to increase the visibility of the website. These include but aren’t limited to; log file analysis, site architecture audits, natural language processing analysis and authority building activity. All of these tasks help to improve the way in which search engines crawl the website and interpret its components.  


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Why is technical SEO important?

Without technical SEO, search engines can find it difficult to understand your proposition, the purpose of your website, and how it can help the user. Investing time and resources in content and digital design isn’t beneficial if search engine crawlers are unable to find the website and index it due to poor technical structure.

Implementing a technical SEO strategy allows search engines to fully understand your website hierarchy, which pages you want to appear in search engine results pages, and how you compare to competitors. Having this foundation in place is essential for developing the rankability of your website, helping your website to achieve higher ranking positions for your most lucrative target keywords. 

How Clicky can help with technical SEO

Our SEO team understands the importance of technical SEO to support commercial goals, improve rankings, traffic and conversions. Our team can produce comprehensive technical SEO audits highlighting all areas for improvement. We then form strategies based on our findings to amend any technical issues in priority order, allowing you to see improvements in your website’s metrics. 

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