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snapchat advertising

Snapchat™ Ads.

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Campaign types.

Event Promotion / Service / Product Launch / Improve Perception / Increase Sales / Lead Generation / Increase Awareness / Increase Traffic

Mediums available.

Mobile Marketing / Social Advertising

Suggested verticals.

Education / Events / Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) / Healthcare / Media / Recruitment / Retail / Travel & Leisure

Approx. reach.

100 million daily users*

* data accurate as of 04/05/2017
** suggested minimum budget only

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Natalie Williams

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Snapchat is a fast and fun mobile messaging application that allows users to take photos, record videos and add text and drawings to send to their friends and connections on the platform.

Each ‘snap’ can be sent for a specific time limit, from 1 second to 10 seconds, after which, the photo and/or video will be hidden from the recipient’s device and deleted from Snapchat’s servers.

Key Stats

  • 158m+ active daily users worldwide
  • 10m in the UK alone
  • 45:55 male/females split
  • 77% of users are over 18
  • 44% of users are parents
  • 60% of users create content everyday
  • On average users visit the app 18 times per day and spend 25 – 30 minutes on the app per day
  • Snapchatters are 4x more likely to attend concerts than non-snapchatters
  • 1 billion Geofilters are viewed every single day (40 million in the UK)
  • The average demographic for Snapchat is users between the ages of 13 and 23 years of age, and while it was originally designed for taking selfies and sending them to your close friends, it now serves a new purpose.

A number of businesses have utilised Snapchat to communicate with their audience effectively on this new and engaging social media channel, including displaying offers to its fan base and time sensitive messaging to users.

There are three main ways of advertising on Snapchat:

Snap Ads

Snap Ads consist of a short, vertical video of up to 10 seconds in length that acts as a ‘teaser’ for what’s to follow. Users can view the snap and move on, or they can swipe up to view your attachment. This is where you can add additional media to really engage your audience, whether it’s an article, a longer video, a link to install your app or a link straight to your website.

There are a range of different targeting abilities available, from the standard demographic segments to more sophisticated methods such as targeting based on interests, purchase intent, lookalike audiences and more. You won’t need to worry about video production either, thanks to our dedicated in-house video team.

  • Up to 2x higher visual attention vs. comparable platforms
  • 2.3 of all Snap Ads play with audio on
  • 5x swipe up rate vs average CTR in comparable platforms

Sponsored Geofilters

When a user takes a snap, they have the option to add a filter before sending. When they’re in certain locations, additional filter options will appear, called geofilters. These give you extra little pieces of art to add to the image before sending and are a great way to promote a brand in a specific area.

We can help to design a geofilter that your target audience will want to share, as well as setting up and managing the campaign to spread maximum awareness among your target group. We particularly recommend sponsored geofilters for events, to help attendees get the word out to their friends and drive extra footfall!

Sponsored geofilters result in 3.5x higher lift on average vs. comparable platforms for brand awareness & purchase intent.

Sponsored Lenses

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a teenage girl looking like a cartoon dog with its tongue out, you’ve seen sponsored lenses. There to add an extra element of fun to snaps, a really creative Snapchat lens can be shared by millions of people, depending on your target audience.

Snapchat have reported that using sponsored lenses can result in three times as much brand awareness as other other mobile marketing mediums, as well as doubling purchase intent.


For more information on how we can assist you in using Snapchat advertising for your business, get in touch with a member of our team today.

'Businesses can share their stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-quality environment and drive action with their ads.' Snapchat

Further info

Speak to.

Natalie Williams

[New Digital Business Administrator]

tel: 01244 456 397




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