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Beautiful, easy-to-use websites everytime.

Elegant, hand-crafted, fully-responsive websites, built in-house by our amazing, award winning team.
Prices start at £5k+VAT.

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intelligent research & insight.

Research & insight into what makes your intended audience "tick" is the secret to a successfully planned and launched website.

Redesigning your website without first taking the time to understand your audience could lead to a failure in hitting the mark first time. If your business cannot afford to fail, then utilising our discovery service may be the answer.

Our team here at Clicky have carried out a number of discovery phases for some large businesses throughout the past 5 years, which have culminated in some of our biggest client success stories.

Our access to data via our Google Partner status allows our research to reach beyond basic analytical tools, by identifying deep industry trends, such as where your customers most commonly go when searching for your products and services, the types of devices they most commonly use, and so much more.

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everything from scratch.

No cheap templates, no re-using layouts just beautiful website experiences designed from scratch every time.

We hate lazy web development and take pride in the fact that every new website we produce for our clients is a hand-crafted, unique design built specifically for their needs. We know our approach takes longer, but that's because we want to design beautiful websites that we are proud to put our name on.

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Whatever your website is for, we can build it. Below are just some of the common website types we can create:

Website type

Property Websites.

Website type

Business Websites.

Website type

Event Websites.

Website type

Showcase Websites.

Website type

Landing Pages.

Website type

eCommerce Websites.

Website type

Systems & Login Areas.

looks matter.

We all like things that look good. The web is no different.

Beautiful animations, responsive design, loading effects, clever UI elements, 4K video, the list goes on. We don’t think the web should be a boring place. New browser technology is being developed all the time and we love to build websites that take full advantage of this, whilst making the web a prettier place to be.

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We build our websites using a range of content management systems (CMS) to suit your requirements. Don't worry, we can help you choose the best one!














Zend Framework.

project managed to perfection.

We have worked long and hard on our web development process to ensure it is as enjoyable for our clients to see their website come to life as it is for us to make it.

We have a dedicated project management team here to take your website from initial concept all the way to successful launch.

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Once your website is launched we have a dedicated team to make sure it is running smoothly and updated as and when you require.

Managing a website is no longer a case of redesigning & developing annually, the best websites evolve continually to match the needs and requirements of your audience, based on real performance data and industry changes. Most successful online businesses have a web support team to ensure the site stays looking great and working perfectly.

Things move fast in the world of web design & development. Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in browser technology and device usage trends means simply updating your website every few years will no longer keep your business at the forefront of your industry.

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We’re a Premier Google Partner.

Our Google Premier Partner status now has a full-house of all 5 company specialisms. We also manage more than £12million in ad-spend every year.

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