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The best place to start any web development project is at the discovery phase, where we can research exactly what your potential customers are looking for using a vast range of powerful industry research tools.

Starting to redesign your website without taking time to understand your audience may mean you don’t hit the mark first time. If your business cannot afford to fail, then utilising our discovery service may be the answer.

Our team here at Clicky have carried out a number of discovery phases for many businesses throughout the past few years which have culminated in some of our biggest client success stories. Our access to data via our Google Premier Partner status allows our research to reach beyond basic analytical tools and identify deep industry trends, where your customers most commonly go when searching for your products and services, the types of devices they most commonly use and so much more.

With these advanced tools and our teams of developers, UI experts, web designers and search and content specialists on hand, we’ve got everything you need to get the most accurate, in-depth insights to help you plan for success.

Analysing this data can allow us to design the perfect website to precisely meet your customers’ needs, as well as giving you powerful insights into consumer behaviour that can inform ongoing digital strategies. You’ll receive a comprehensive discovery document that details everything we’ve found, explained in plain English alongside our recommendations, so you have a reference point for the future.

Armed with unparalleled insights and the most up-to-date industry knowledge, our team of talented web designers can plan out a site that brings you results like never before.





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Our Google Premier Partner status now has a full-house of all 5 company specialisms. We also manage more than £12million in ad-spend every year.

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