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Strategically planned clear & measurable next steps

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There’s no point doing all the research if you don’t know where to go next.

Following any Discovery or Insights project, we work together with you to create your bespoke strategy.

Our digital strategy consulting ensures that no client is left with a large amount of research or data analysis, unsure of how to proceed. Whether it’s the production of a detailed sitemap and inclusions list for a website build, or a comprehensive 12-month marketing calendar with guidance on messaging and platforms, we believe in going that extra step.

We can appreciate that presenting you with an extensive document full of all of our research and findings can be a little daunting, and as such, it’s well worth our time to produce an executive summary, clear next steps, and a tangible output from our research projects.

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Why Is A Digital Strategy Important?

  • It's Easy To Get Lost In Data

    Following one of our comprehensive research projects (or even your own internally!) it's easy to become overwhelmed by all of the findings and not know where to turn. A digital strategy ensures all of these findings are enacted
  • Defined Roles & Responsibilities

    We learn about your team, your partners, and define clear roles and responsibilities for all, ensuring a partnership approach between Clicky and your business
  • Clear KPIs & Targets

    Within a digital strategy, we'll suggest goals and targets we would like to achieve. Whether it's a timeline to sit alongside a sitemap, or conversion rates we'd like a page to achieve
  • A Plan Of Action

    Our digital strategy documents are clear and transparent. Between your own internal team, and the support at Clicky, we'll ensure the plan is stuck to
  • Informed By Research

    By basing our digital strategies off of our research projects, we ensure team members know the reason why a page has been designed a particular why, or why a certain advertising platform might be used
  • Executed By Experts

    If you choose to proceed with Clicky for any elements of your proposed digital strategy, you can be confident that it will be executed by the most talented web designers, developers, and marketing strategists around

39%of marketers would not call their marketing strategy effective.

(Hubspot, 2017)

49%of marketers admit to not having a clear or defined digital strategy.

(SmartInsights, 2017)

It’s easy to get lost in data, and it’s so important that there is a clear plan of action from research.

The digital strategies we produce following an insights or discovery project are entirely bespoke to your business. They might take the form of a sitemap, website inclusions, and guideline through the build, or alternatively, it might be a 12-month marketing calendar, complete with messaging suggestions, and creative guidance.

Our experienced team works collaboratively with you to strategically plan clear and measurable next steps with realistic actions, producing a comprehensive strategy, outlined by a clear and detailed understanding of your audience. As part of our digital strategy consulting service, we work productively with clients to plan a resulting calendar or timeline of tasks, with actions prioritised in accordance with your wider business goals.

Our mission is to ensure that every one of our projects results in clear, identifiable next steps which both parties can easily measure.

Our Clients

Here are just some of the brands our Strategy & Insights team work with.

Interested in a research project or digital strategy?

Here at Clicky, we have two different types of research project which lead into a digital strategy: discovery projects, and insights projects.



Discovery Projects.

At their most basic, discovery projects are large-scale, comprehensive research phases, within which we will attempt to gather as many learnings as possible, covering everything from your business, goals, audiences and customers, right through to technical SEO audits and UX / design reviews. They’re perfect for business and brands that know they want to move into the digital space, but don’t know where to begin, and don’t want to risk mistakes.

We know that the path to online success lies in data and research. If you’d like to find out more, why not check out a project?

Discovery Projects

Insights Projects.

In contrast, insights projects are more specific, focused research projects which seek to analyse and address a particular problem area. This might be poor performance in organic search rankings, or a declining conversion rate. These projects are typically narrower in their focus, and allow us to utilise our expertise and insight to address a specific issue in particular.

If you’re struggling to solve a problem with your website or marketing efforts, consider looking into an insights project. We’d be happy to help.

Insights Projects

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FREE initial consultation and bespoke discovery or insights plan with our Google qualified digital Strategy & Insights team.

Ask one of our team to begin to understand your business, your aims, and commercial goals, and we can begin to plan out your business’ bespoke discovery or insights project.

Whether you’re considering a new website build and don’t know where to begin, or are struggling to get your conversion rate back on track, our Strategy & Insights team can ensure your plans are data-driven, and are truly aligned to your audience and their needs.

Through audience data and insights, we can help to improve your digital performance and get you on the track to online success.

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