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Branding Immersion workshop – redefine your brand

Branding is much more than what your company logo looks like. It’s how you present yourself to your audience, and encompasses everything from your website to your company’s tone of voice. A strong and professional brand identity can build credibility and trust, it can help the audience differentiate you from competitors and make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you have a brand new business or your company is in need of a brand refresh, a brand immersion workshop is definitely the best place to start.

This process will include the preparation and delivery of a business and marketing planning session with the wider Clicky team. We will invite relevant members of our experienced team, across several departments, to spend time at your offices, ask questions and meet with your team to gain a detailed understanding of your business, brand culture, processes, and current approach. By asking and understanding the most important questions about your brand, audience, and competition we can then build on this to help redefine your brand, drive product development, customer acquisition, employee engagement, and partnerships.

As a result of this workshop we aim to:

  • Define your audience and how to position your brand in the marketplace
  • Define your brand values and how they will transcend into your marketing efforts
  • Define key messages to target your customers
  • Come up with creative ideas for your new branding

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