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User testing can make the difference between success & failure

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Test, Refine, Then Test Again

The very best websites all have one thing in common; they are all designed solely to help their audiences.

Often, we see potentially amazing website projects go astray because the project begins to focus too much on the internal assumptions a business might hold about their customers, and not enough on the views, opinions, and insights of the end-users themselves. We believe in working closely with our clients to ensure that their websites are fully-tested and trialed with a group of their customers or clients.

User testing helps to ensure that any website which goes live has the most important people as first priority: the end users. Working with our clients, we look to arrange user testing sessions with our clients, whereby we spend time with a group of their customers or clients as they engage with the new website.

Our expert design, UX, and development teams will be on hand to discuss any potential distractions or disruptions to the journey, as the user progresses. The time spent within this user-testing phase can prove invaluable to achieving the greatest success with your website launch.

Here at Clicky, we offer two different options when it comes to user testing.


Website testing with real people, in front of your very eyes.

If you really want to know how customers and key audiences will interact with your website before going live, there’s nothing better than bringing in a select group of people to test your website for the very first time.

These sessions are planned, arranged, and managed by our team here at Clicky, and it’s completely up to you whether you’re present for the testing or if you’d like to leave it to our award-winning digital design, web, and UX teams. Before the sessions, we take time to fully audit the existing user journey and existing user behaviour on your site, so that we can create a number of scenarios we would like individuals to test. We’ll then conduct these sessions on your behalf, asking users a number of questions and prompts as they work through the website.

Unlike some other agencies, we won’t simply pick people we know to do the testing. Instead, you can rest assured each and every individual tester will be a member of the public who are representative of your audience and customers. The resulting output of these testing sessions is the visual screen recordings of users interacting with the website, their feedback, as well as an additional document of our own analysis and suggestions, following the testing sessions.

From as little as £840 + VAT.


Remote user testing, using the latest industry technologies.

The other option available to our clients, is the ability to test their website, or particular pages or sections, with remote users through a number of platforms and tools.

Naturally, remote user testing is often beneficial due to being a less costly solution, and does certainly still have it’s advantages. Your website will still be tested by real people, and we’ll still have a significant degree of control in selecting the users who will be testing the website. Indeed, we’ll still go through exactly the same process in assessing the existing user journey data, and planning scenarios with the same comprehensive detail as if we were doing a face-to-face testing session.

By using a number of platforms for remote user testing, we are able to provide a more cost-effective solution to brands who simply want to test one area of an existing website, or would like to run smaller scale tests. This option is certainly beneficial for clients who perhaps don’t need a full, comprehensive website testing session with a large number of users.

From just £700 + VAT.

The Benefits of User Testing

  • Receive Actionable Insights

    The process of user testing ends with clear, actionable insight for your website. We'll be honest in our feedback, and if it means changing a part of your website, we'll provide genuine advice about how we would tackle this
  • Test Solutions With Real People

    Quite often, it's easy to miss areas of pain, distraction, or disruption within your user journey if you're on your own website regularly. Bringing in new users allows for fresh, impartial advice
  • Avoid Assumptions

    It's very rare for a brand not to love their own website and think everything is perfect. However, the assumption that our customers share this view can often be a little impractical, and it can be beneficial to challenge this internal perception
  • Streamline Your Customer Journey

    Whilst we may think we've found the most effective user journey, quizzing customers and users can often lead to suggestions we may have not previously considered about how we can better our customer journey
  • Gain Insights Applicable In Wider Marketing

    There's nothing quite like putting your website, your online shop front, before a new user and listening to their feedback. Often you'll learn insights which could be useful in shaping everything from product packaging through to pricing models and payment plans
  • Make Informed Decisions

    Ultimately, user testing allows us to confidently make decisions about our website knowing that it's not just our own feelings we're working from. Instead, we have evidence and a solid basis for any suggestions or changes which may arise from the user testing sessions

Our user testing sessions leave you with clear, actionable insight to improve your website and user journey.

We design the output and analysis from these user testing sessions to be clear and easy-to-follow, just in case you’d like to facilitate any resulting design, development, or CRO work in house.

Of course, we believe the best natural progression from a user testing session is to consider ongoing conversion rate optimisation (CRO) as we look to improve the user journey on the website, and improve the number of people taking a desired action by streamlining processes. Similarly, many clients feel our ongoing website maintenance team, ProSupport, helped wonderfully in implementing the resulting tweaks, changes, or amendments to their website following user testing sessions.

You can find out more about both CRO and ProSupport below.

FREE initial consultation and bespoke user testing plan with our Google qualified digital Strategy & Insights team.

Ask one of our team to begin to understand your business, your aims, and commercial goals, and we can begin to plan out user testing sessions for your website or online project.

Whether you’ve got a website that’s about to go live, or if you’re just updating a section of your website and would like to know how audiences will react, our Strategy & Insights team can help to ensure we’ve thoroughly tested your work before launch date.

Through testing, refining, and testing again, we can minimise potential impact or risk in launching new pages, sections, or websites.

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