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Good Photography & Video Are Key to Any Successful Digital Presence.

Video and photography are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to digital, particularly when crafted and executed correctly.

Not only do they offer a highly efficient and effective method of conveying information to the masses, the visual mediums have an unparalleled ability to heighten the immediacy of your impact, captivate your audiences and immerse consumers into your brand or company culture in an evocative, inspiring and memorable way.

The popularity of video and photography is only set to increase; Cisco predicts that video will account for 80% of global web traffic by 2020. So, now’s the time to get involved!

Our team of specialists at Clicky have a wealth of experience when it comes to video production and photography. Working collaboratively with internal marketing teams, we always take a strategic approach, ensuring we’re on track to achieving optimum results right from the very start of our projects. We’ll look at the bigger picture; your overall commercial objectives, wider marketing activity and your promotional resource, to help develop an intelligent and purposeful plan that will form the backbone to the whole project.

Why Choose Us?

  • One Point of Contact

    You’ll have one professional body taking care of everything throughout your production journey

  • Start to Finish

    We’ll provide constant support throughout, from idea conception and storyboard planning to script writing, sourcing locations and models 

  • Digital Experts

    Our extensive knowledge of video platforms and photography means we know exactly how to market and effectively optimise your visual content to ensure it reaches the right audiences, at the right times, on the right devices

  • Latest Tech

    We have access to a fantastic selection of the latest market-leading equipment; innovation is always at the forefront of our minds

  • Expert Team

    Our expert team brings with it a wealth of experience across an array of different industries

  • Technical Implementation

    You can trust us to effectively implement the finished product properly on your website to ensure a seamless viewing experience

360° Video

360° video is an exciting emerging form of storytelling, revolutionary in its ability to offer your customers a more immersive viewing experience, obscuring the boundary between the offline and online worlds in a highly engaging and disruptive way.

At the click of a button, your consumers can now delve that little bit deeper into the brands they admire and their subsequent service or product offering, able to navigate and explore to their heart’s content without even lifting a foot off the floor.

As technology continues to redefine the ways in which consumers interact with brands, at Clicky we fully understand the need to remain adaptable and seek out ways in which we can innovate and offer immersive formats that are most suited to our clients’ platforms, which are sure to disrupt the market. We’ve worked hard to form strong partnerships with some of the UK’s best 360° specialists, which, when combined with our in-house expertise, enables us to create enticing and compelling experiences for you, utilising the very latest in cutting-edge equipment.


We work collaboratively with a range of specialists within this area and all costs are bespoke to each and every project.

We quote for a video & photography project based on the time needed to take your idea and brief into the perfect photography or video project.

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