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Each month we bring to you an online webinar where a one of our digital experts will delve into the world of digital and provide you with insights, top tips and actions to take away. The topics range from using UX design to drive conversions to local SEO.

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You can catch up on all of our latest webinars below. These can also be viewed by visiting our YouTube channel.

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Top 10 tips for a successful social ads campaign

Kelly and Shannon reveal their top tips when it comes to creating a social ads campaign!

Simple, paid advertising gets a wider reach – you can reach people you’ve never interacted with before to push your brand or re-engage with potential customers. Organic is more and more subdued now, with the big social platforms showing less and less of it. 

The webinar covers:

  • Tracking

    Why you should perfect your tracking ahead of launch.
  • A/B test

    Social ads will always be an on-going test!
  • Optimised landing pages

    This is key for a successful campaign.

Creating a brand with your audience in mind

In this webinar, Hayley and Andy discuss how you can create your brand with your audience in mind and not for you.

Branding is so much more than what your company logo looks like. It’s how you present yourself to your audience and the experience you provide them with.

The webinar covers:

  • What is a brand?

    It's not just a logo!
  • Defining your audiene

    How to find out your target audience.
  • Rebranding

    Your brand should be revisited and updated.

5 steps to a powerful creative campaign

In this webinar, Rhian and Dan will be discussing creative campaigns!

At Clicky, we take a 5 step process to plan and implement a successful creative campaign that achieves the perfect balance between data and creativity. This webinar will take you through our process and show you excellent examples along the way!

The webinar covers:

  • Why consider a creative campaign?

    Creative campaigns aren't all about big budgets!
  • Key steps

    The 5 key steps to deliver a powerful creative campaign
  • Importance of reviewing & optimising

    How you should measure the success of the campaign

How and why you should be optimising landing pages all year round

In this webinar Rhodri, Bethany and Andy will be explaining the importance of well-optimised landing page.

Landing pages are a key component of marketing campaigns that are primarily focused on conversions, therefore by continually optimising these pages it can lead to a significant improvement in performance. Are you optimising your landing pages all year round?

The webinar covers:

  • What are landing pages?

    and why are they important?
  • Key considerations

    for PPC, SEO and CRO
  • Performance

    How to measure the success

Local SEO – Beyond the Basics

Our SEO manager, Alex, takes you beyond the basics of local SEO.

Local SEO is an essential component for all businesses  and brands with a physical presence, even those who are nationwide. It’s an effective way to reach a local audience who are searching for local, relevant information. If done well, local SEO can provide long-term success.

The webinar covers:

  • Local SEO

    What is local SEO and why it's crucial?
  • The basics

    The basics of local SEO
  • Advanced

    Advanced local SEO

The most common eCommerce SEO mistakes (and how to fix them)

If you run an eCommerce site and you’re struggling to build organic traffic, or you’re looking to get the edge in a competitive market then this session will give you the tools to do so.

The webinar covers:

  • Platforms

    Different Ecommerce platforms & their quirk
  • Trust

    Trust signals, quality and authority
  • Friendliness

    Crawler friendliness

Google Ads DSA campaigns (what are they & how to use them)

DSA campaigns are still a relatively underused feature in many Google Ads accounts. They can help to fill in the gaps of your existing search campaigns, drive account expansion, and can bring in (relevant) incremental traffic that your search keyword strategy is missing out on. They can also be especially effective when paired with one of Google’s automated bidding strategies.
The webinar will cover: What are DSA Campaigns?, when to use them, how to set up a DSA campaign and tips & best practice for using DSA

The webinar covers:

  • What are DSA campaigns?

    What are they and when should you use them
  • Setup

    How to set up a DSA campaign
  • Best practice

    Tips and best practice for using DSA

How UX design is used to drive conversions

UX, or user experience, is a term used to explain how somebody interacts with, thinks and feels about your product. Good user experiences don’t just happen – every step of the user journey must be carefully considered and designed in order for the user to achieve their goals.

The webinar will cover: The UX process, from research to completion, how to conduct user research and analyse your findings, how to use your findings to construct user personas and stories and wireframing and designing products with a conversion focus

The webinar covers:

  • The UX Process

    from research to completion
  • Personas and Stories

    How to use your findings to construct user personas and stories
  • Conversion Focus

    Wireframing and designing products with a conversion focus

How to improve your conversion rate in 2019

David, our Client Strategy Manager, explains how small gains in your conversion rates can make a massive impact. When done correctly, CRO can help you generate more business from the traffic that you already have. Only 28% of companies would say they are satisfied with their online conversion rate (eConsultancy). If you think your conversion rate could be improved this webinar is for you.

The webinar will cover: Quick intro to CRO, why should you care?, 2019 ‘quick wins’ strategy and what CRO could mean for your business

The webinar covers:

  • Conversion rate

    What is conversion rate and what does a good one look like?
  • Impact

    The impact improving your conversion rate can have on your business
  • Top tips

    Ways in which you can improve your conversion rate in 2019

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