"The results have been excellent, better than we’d dared expect."


Driving performance in short-term car insurance

Established in 2005, Dayinsure has grown into one of the UK’s leading short-term car insurance firms, providing an innovative and market leading service to a range of audiences.

They offer immediate temporary insurance cover that enables customers to drive a UK registered vehicle to suit their needs for any 24 hour period, from 1 to 28 days.

Clicky Media were tasked with providing an innovative, results-focused digital strategy that delivered a positive ROI for the company. Dayinsure had previously invested in paid search (PPC) marketing with little success, but remained keen to promote the business online to support their ambitious growth plan.

Whilst understandably tentative to invest in a channel that had previously resulted in a poor output, it was agreed following further research, that paid search had the potential to deliver across all core objectives, including increased quote requests and subsequent booking transactions.

Dayinsure first approached Clicky Media to explore potential digital advertising mediums to gain awareness and to drive relevant traffic to their recently relaunched website and enhanced online quoting portal.


Segmenting the audience

As Dayinsure provide temporary insurance from 1 day to 1 month, across a plethora of audiences aged anywhere between 19 and 75, their target market is quite varied.

To simplify the customer segmentations, the client categorises their products into four key areas based upon the vehicle or driver type; Cars, Vans, Motorhomes and Learner Drivers.

Each of these ‘sub-brands’ was created to appeal specifically to a defined relevant audience, to whom the wider insurance offering is most applicable and valuable. The audience types are clearly very diverse and require their own approach, based upon the digital behaviours and expectations of each individual group.

When devising the strategy, it became apparent that to effectively perform in the market, a heavy researching phase was required, particularly due to the competitive nature of the industry and the number of established brands already in the digital space.

We first conducted in-depth keyword, competitor and search intent research to provide data and statistics that supported the new approach. This was combined with an auditing phase across the website, in which both businesses collaborated effectively to optimise the content, features and inclusions, with the aim of delivering the highest possible conversion rates.

“It’s refreshing to deal with a company who always do what they say they’re going to do! The results have been excellent, better than we’d dared expect, and as a result of Clicky being one of Google’s Premier Partners we get advance notice of upcoming Google initiatives and changes.”

John Hatfield, CEO, Dayinsure


What we did…

We provided a forward-thinking and unique approach to promote the Learner brand to a digital-savvy, young audience who had low loyalty and patience levels combined with high expectations from websites.

Equally however, campaigns were devised and implemented to appeal to the parents of these young adults, with messaging and creative adapted in accordance with the keywords each audience used.

The campaign had to also consider the fact that temporary car insurance for learner drivers is not a well- known option, so much of the account structure was created to inform and educate users, whilst also selling in the benefits around cost-savings and flexibility.

Beyond launch, consistent optimisation and continued adaptation in accordance with results was the focus, taking advantage of new adwords releases before competitors, whilst repeatedly outcompeting other brands across quality scores and engagement levels. The campaigns continually surpassed industry average benchmarks provided by Google across key performance metrics such as CTR, conversion rate and cost per conversion.


The Results…

The campaign has achieved fantastic results for the client and has met and surpassed all defined initial objectives and goals, which are now being re-evaluated at more regular intervals.

Such has been the success of the activity, since beginning the trial campaign 12 months ago for Dayinsure Learner, the client has gone on to invest twelve-fold in click budget each month and have rolled out PPC campaigns as their primary promotional channel, across every single sub-brand under the company umbrella.

“Clicky impressed us with their professionalism and can-do approach from day one. They very quickly understood our priorities and objectives and created a set of proposals for us, and over the past 12 months our relationship with Clicky has blossomed. The team manage our campaigns superbly.”

John Hatfield, CEO, Dayinsure


We work closely with Dayinsure and share a similar ethos and approach to business, which has benefitted the activity no end. Dayinsure entrusted Clicky to deliver results as part of a wider digital transformation project that has helped support ambitious expansion plans for the business.

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