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14.23% increase in users since the new website launch.

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JD Parties have over 21 years of experience in creating unforgettable events, which include themed shared Christmas and New Year parties as well as private hire events.

The client approached us in 2017 to help increase sales of bookings to their venues and improve the traffic to their website. We created a full digital strategy which included PPC, SEO and ProSupport. Earlier this year JD Parties decided to invest in a new website to further their marketing activity, designed and developed by the Clicky team.


Design and Development

The new JD Parties website was designed and built within a 6-week turn around period, to coincide with the release of their 2018 brochures.

The team at Clicky worked collaboratively with the client to help implement their new branding within the website and ensure continuity across all of their marketing efforts.

The site advertises their Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties across multiple venues, as well as allowing users to get in touch, download brochures and book tickets through JD Parties’ separate existing booking site. We ensured the website was fully customisable and ensured the site was responsive across multiple devices to allow for easy navigation.

The website looks great, providing a true representation of JD Parties as a brand and their service offering.



Before the launch of the new website, our SEO team ensured that the redirects were in place, titles and meta descriptions were optimised and analytics was set up to ensure a successful launch.

Following launch the team conducted post-optimisation audits to ensure the website was targeting the correct keywords, as well as implementing schema markups. Ongoing work includes keyword tracking and research, competitor analysis and technical evaluations.

As JD Parties operate in several areas, location-based marketing is key. Our SEO team conducted a local SEO audit to improve JD Parties’ online visibility. Local keyword targeting was a key focus for the venue locations throughout the SEO campaign, which went hand-in-hand with the location specific campaigns that our PPC team built for each venue.

The PPC team continue to research into search volumes for competitive keywords and identify gaps in the market in order to optimise the campaigns.



The new website has really aided our marketing efforts and we look forward to maximising the success for the future.

17,500visits to the website from PPC in 12 months

14.23%increase in users since the website launch

350conversions from PPC in 12 months

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