Jones’ Village Bakery

A new, engaging website to showcase Gluten Freedom brand and products.

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Gluten Freedom is a range created by Jones’ Village Bakery, who are Welsh family bakers established in 1934 and have been baking gluten free products for over a decade. The range allows you to live a happy gluten free life, without having to compromise of taste, thanks to the knowledge and skills passed down from generations.

Village Bakery approached Clicky back in April to help create the perfect website for  for their specialised “Gluten freedom” brand. They needed a visually appealing site, with a clear journey and call to action to showcase the new brand and line of products. After the initial briefing, the Clicky team couldn’t wait to start working with such a forward-thinking and innovative company.


Design & Development

The client wanted a bright, engaging website that would showcase the Gluten Freedom brand and products. The brand values are reflected through the style of the website in the bold and fun bright colours, the rustic illustrations and graphics representing the family business.  Key information was broken up with large, high quality photographs of the products to entice the user.

The website was built in WordPress to ensure the client had full control over the content of their site, and also to provide a solid platform for a potential future upgrade to ecommerce using Woocommerce.

Animations were carefully considered and discussed throughout design and development; these were used to add unique character to the site, communicating the soft, natural feel of the brand and guiding the user through the website.

The site is fully optimised for the modern, mobile web, maintaining the functionality of the desktop site without impacting on performance or user experience.

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